A Controversy I Didn’t Expect: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

A Controversy I Didn’t Expect: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State July 8, 2012

On a recent episode of “Life’s a Tripp,” I caused quite a controversy by wearing a Mississippi State sweat shirt.

Immediately, people started wondering about how I became a fan.  What’s the connection? Why did I like Mississippi State over Ole Miss?

Well, to be completely honest, there’s a simple explanation. People sometimes give us gifts to show their home state pride, their charity work, or even their businesses.  So on that day, I must’ve grabbed one of those “gift shirts.”

Remember when my mom said:

“What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?  Lipstick.”

Maybe someone at Mississippi State thought this analogy applied to bull dogs, too.

Either way, I didn’t mean to step into the – apparently – very competitive waters of the SEC.  Apparently people feel more strongly about this rivalry than Obama/Romney!

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  • Kim A

    Hey maybe there’s a future for you in endorsements!! lol Have a blessed Sunday Bristol!!

  • Be prepared to receive tons of other SEC (and other conferences) stuff… just sayin…

  • Michael Mills

    That’s funny. They pulled you into something you had nothing to do with. People are crazy. We love you Bristol.

  • Sue Lynn

    Love your show….Keep up the great job Bristol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denice Hocott

    You and Tripp need some Arkansas Razorback gear. Is there an address where I can send it you can email me @denicehocott@gmail.com. We love you and your family we are so proud of all you and your mom stand for

  • Cathy P.

    If your gonna wear Bulldog sports gear, UGA is much nicer and more colorful than Mississippi State’s. ; )

    • I agree, Cathy! Red and black is so much better! 🙂

    • Whoo Hooo! How ‘Bout them Dawgs?! season starts in two months!!

  • DeAnna W.

    Bristol trust me, we live in Alabama and football in the south is almost a religion!! Here you are either an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan and you have to decide at birth! LOL If you move to Alabama you have to declare your team before you cross state lines!!! Love your show and ROLL TIDE ROLL!

  • Tawny Jones

    Don’t forget the Georgia Bulldogs, Bristol. We love you, too.

  • Nicole

    I agree. You need some Arkansas Razorback gear! Tripp would look good with a Hog shirt. I guess if I was Miss St. or Ole Miss I might have got offended but I was just glad she was supporting the SEC! You should make an appearance at a college football game and you would so understand how big of a deal that was!

  • Jana W.

    I saw that episode and was wondering… Anyway, the Ole Miss/Miss State rivalry is nothing compared to the Alabama/LSU or Auburn rivalry 🙂 Roll Tide and next time put on some CRIMSON and WHITE aka the colors of champions.

  • Don’t worry, Ol’ Miss is like the AOL of college football. Roll Tide! (best college football vid ever:)

    Obviously we Southerners love you. (and you haven’t even won a NASCAR championship) Consider coming down and visiting us. We would love to have you over.

    King’s Drive in Movie Theater in Russelville, Al
    Bed and Breakfast on Dauphin Island, Al (yes, our state does have an island in the Gulf of Mexico)
    Space and Rocket Muesum in Huntsville, Al
    Big Bob Gibson BBQ in Decatur, Al
    Chicken and Egg festival in Moulton, Al
    Peanut Festival in Dothan, AL

  • Thomas Hubbard

    There’s freedom of speech but what ever happen to freedom of sweat shirt. There’s alot of excitement over football teams but far less excitement for Christ.

  • Be very glad the shirt was neither Alabama or Auburn….

  • Cassia

    Yuck, Thats one of the reasons why I moved to Alaska, to escape the Southern stupidity.

  • Shawn

    Oh..that’s probably why you had a Phillies hat on too….oh..and hear I thought you were a Phillies fan. lol.

    • shawn

      Sorry…correcting myself. You had a Phillies shirt on in the first episode I think. my bad.

  • Patriot

    Waaa, I wore the wrong gift shirt y’all. Feel sorry for me and don’t forget about my mom!

    • Emma Lora

      Good Grief Patriot. Lighten up everyone else is.. you are so addicted to being snarky that you will take any opportunity to be silly. So starved for attention?

      • Patriot

        Sweetie were the only thing thats keeping this place going! But fine. No most posts out of me. I hope all my “cohorts” do the same. You will miss us and this place will dry up.

        • LMA

          Good idea, Patriot. Let’s leave this place to these lightweights…

          • liberty

            LMA Patriots daddy(SATAN) will welcome you with open arms I here it is really hot there you should fit right in though.

        • liberty

          So Patriot you are finally going home to your daddy he has been keeping the home fires burning darkly.

  • Stephanie

    Hail State!

  • lee

    Bristol, are you kidding? I really find it hard to believe that anyone really cares what sweatshirt you wear. Quite making things up!!

    • Sue

      Judging by the comments, I guess people do care in a good natured sort of way. Why are you here, again? Oh, and if you are going to get all critical, learn the difference between quit and quite.

    • Emma Lora

      lighten up Lee, most of this is light hearted stuff. don’t let this weigh you down.

  • Missy Stewart aka Missy from Mississippi

    Hi Bristol, as someone who now lives in Mississippi and didn’t attend college anywhere in the SEC, neither can I understand the grid iron rivalry. However, knowing what I do about the two universities and your family, I think the Bulldog sweatshirt is your best fit. Go, Dawgs!! Hail State!!

  • Janel

    Yes…. To the comment above Alaska seems a lot better , especially when we visited the cold weather and mountains were awesome!! BUT the south is not stupid… At least we aren’t brainwashed liberals that only believes what the television tells us …. On that note GO VOLS !!! Tennessee is the only other place to be

  • Emma Lora

    Bristol.. I think you started a little fun here (except for a few “I’m too smart for this fun” snarkies). Keep wearing the gift shirts and we will continue to see what happens!!!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Bristol, honey, if you lived here in the state of Alabama and anywhere that SEC football is played, I can guarantee you, it wouldn’t be long before you understood the importance of what you wear. LOL We are passionate about football, but don’t think for one moment that the South won’t go for Romney!!!!! We are proud conservatives and we love God, Country, Family and SEC football in that order!!!!! That being said, WAR EAGLE!!! GO AUBURN TIGERS!!!!!!! When we visited Alaska in our Motorhome one summer, we drove 7 straight 12 hour days just to get back to Auburn, Al. for the first football game that season. We may be crazy about our passions, but we are not stupid! BTW, on that trip we met your mom and dad in Fairbanks at her farewell speech and Gov. Parnell’s inauguration. Great lady and great family!

    • Bill C

      Being a southern conservative is nothing to be proud about. And people who aren’t flaming right-wing conservatives also love God, country, family, and SEC football…except, unlike you, I put family BEFORE country.

  • David Dempsey

    Football rivalries are very intense (intensive) and not just in the SEC.

  • henry

    Good grief, don’t ever put a flour sack on and a piece of string around your waist, some nut will complain it wasn’t a feed sack and you were shunning American dairy farmers.

  • Kirstin

    I’m from Mississipp and I think it’s neat you were wearing a State sweatshirt!! I’m a State fan and it’s HIGHLY competetive here! Like, people who are Ole Miss fans or State fans don’t assosciate with each other!
    Love the show!

  • section9

    That’s okay, Bristol. Sometimes you have to deal with wearing a sweatshirt from those Diploma Mill institutions in the Southeastern Conference. I guess at some point someone will have to send you a Canes Jersey. You know, from The U.

  • Mutt the Hoople

    That Mississippi State gear looks just fine on you. I hear Obama’s an Ole Miss fan.

  • lostinAR

    Hmmm….she fits right in MS,unwed teenage mother.

    • OPR

      Oh, the irony.

      We’ll wait while you google ‘irony’.

  • bellagrazi

    Yeah, sports fans are pretty serious about their favorite teams! Haha I love sports, but I don’t have a particular passion for one team. Just whoever Tim Tebow is playing for. Go Jets!

  • Steve Brantley

    Bristol, I was watching this episode when I spotted you wearing a Mississippi State hoodie. Way to go girl! Observing the way your family loves God, Country and the outdoors, I’m confident you would choose Mississippi State over ole miss! Anytime you want to make a trip to the south for a Saturday afternoon in the SEC, come on down to Starkville, MS and tailgate with us. Good food, good friends, cowbells and SEC football. Go DAWGS!
    We might even send you home with a cowbell! 🙂

    • Bill Fremp

      Yes Bristol,
      Nothing says “Christian” like implying your athletic rival doesn’t “love God”. More populist hurp durpery from Mississippi State!

      • Steve

        Poor Fremp. You actually have to win some games to be considered an athletic rival. LOL! Tell Bristol how your school has been voted the #1 party school, your fans proclaim the status to all, news reports document there is an alcohol problem on campus, your cheers even promote more consumption of alcohol yet you expect the rest of the world to view ole miss as Mississippi College. Go tell it to Shepard Smith; maybe he’ll buy that story.

        • Bill Fremp

          Durp durp hurp durp durp! Dey drink da alcohol! We love Jesus more dan dem!!!11! Us never sin!!!!1! Dey tuk er jobs!!1 Durp Hurp! We luv u Bristol! Go tippy tate!!!

  • Steve

    Bristol, on behalf of the Bulldog nation, we are honored you wore an Mississippi State sweatshirt on your show. I know you didn’t mean to offend the Ole Miss folks, but trust me, you would fit in much better with the Mississippi State folks. We’re not stuffy and pretentious like they are. If you ever decide to take in an SEC football game, we’d be more than happy to have you join our tailgate party. We love your whole family, so bring your Mom and Dad too. We would love to have you any time.

    • HootenDale

      * Note – The “Bulldog Nation” encompasses exclusively those areas between West Point, Columbus and Kosciusko. It’s chief export is novelty beer koozies and “Mossy Oak” truck decals.

    • John

      Yup, an unwed teenage mother fits right in there. I’m very glad she didn’t wear an Ole Miss shirt on her show. While it might be publicity, it may not be the type of publicity you’d want to brag about.

  • ADC

    I wonder if stricklin sent it…free marketing…brilliant.

  • Jay Fox

    It looks good on you!

  • Ed Davis

    Meh….the competition between New York and Boston puts that to shame!!

  • JC

    I went to Ole Miss and I think you would quite enjoy coming for a visit. Come during football season so you can hit up the Grove. It may seem “pretentious” but true Ole Miss fans are very gracious and polite (although I can tell you right now you are probably going to think it’s crazy). I wasn’t going to watch your show, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. While I don’t agree with your mother on most of her political stances, it is obvious that she is a great mother. She even reminds me of mine when she is talking to you guys! You are doing a great job with Tripp and with the way you handle yourself in all situations. I would love to send you an Ole Miss sweatshirt. I bet you would look much better in red and blue than in that maroon!

  • Hawks4Life

    Hey Bristol, K.J. Wright thanks you!

  • coby

    you should be wearing OU,the best team in USA. and the obama romney matter its like OU vs. TU

  • Rebelfan

    Bristol Bring the family down to Ole Miss for a game this fall. There won’t be any left wing liberal crazies to worry about. Just good southern people cooking good southern food having good times with family and friends. Ole Miss has been voted the most beautiful campus numerous times. Their is no greater place to be than a saturday night in the grove! Please come visit!

  • kim

    I am not a State fan … but loved seeing you wear an SEC team. ROLL TIDE!