Alaska Road Sign Hacked

Alaska Road Sign Hacked July 8, 2012

I just wanted to say — for the record…

I had nothing to do with this!

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  • Cheyenne

    Funny and wise. Bristol you and your family are great role models for me. Keep up the good work and God bless you and every one in your family.

    • AC

      Cheyenne I totally agree! I love Bristol and the whole family! These are great Americans! Obama and his illegal relatives getting away with drunk driving and leaching off the state of MA not so much! Bristol sweetie keep your head held high, and please tell mom to consider a future run! She has my vote for anything she does!

  • sodakhic

    I didn’t either, but God Bless Alaska.

  • Angela

    God bless America. And whomever posted that sign. 🙂

  • Rachele

    Bristol! I watch your show!!! I luv it!

  • Jesus

    Considering the president has done nothing impeachable the sign is pretty stupid

    • AC

      Actually he has “Jesus”. He forced a healthcare initiative down the throats of the people who clearly didn’t want it. He is there for us, not to further his own agenda. First it wasn’t a tax, now it is a tax, then it wasn’t a tax, now it is. This guy has ruined the country, and under him, we will be a socialist state in no time. He doesn’t think he is a president, he thinks he is a king.

      • chris

        AC, you do know that the Health Care Act was written by republicans right? I am assuming you also know that Romney instituted an almost identical initiative in MA as well. You do know that the only thing the Republicans don’t agree with is the Individual Mandate (i.e. a means to pay for it) right? You are also aware that when Republicans say “This guy has ruined the country…and he is a socialist” like you have, they can give only one example? That example would the Affordable Care Act (not OBAMAcare as they like to say, could just as easily be called ROMNEYcare) which has not even been phased in and thusly you have been unaffected by it. Try again.

    • Oh, really? Take a look at this:

      Twenty Two Articles of Impeachment against Obama

      • Emma Kate

        Those 22 items are either normal things other presidents have done or straight out lies. I’m really hoping republicans will come back and join the rest of us in reality. We miss you.

      • GrizzlyMom

        That is the silliest thing I have read in a long time. You people can’t be serious. What should I expect…you’re the same group who believes Romney has the power to repeal National Healthcare. I agree with Patriot and some others..its time to leave. There are really only a couple of posters on your side who have the intellect to carry on an intelligent discussion. The rest of you are mindless cheerleaders.

        • Emma Lora

          Bye Grizz! Good luck on trying to impress and convince others on other blogs with your intelligence and superiority. You failed here but maybe on other liberal blogs they will join in your chorus singing the same melody(?)

          • GrizzlyMom

            Bye Emma! Good luck trying to convince the rest of the world that Bristol is an upstanding Christian woman who makes a great role model for young girls. Based on the ratings of her show you’ve failed miserably. In a few years the Palin’s will be nothing but a distant memory. You betcha!

  • me here

    Are you serious Jesus?

    • Allison

      Obama’s detractors would be foaming at the mouth to impeach him if there was any chance they could get away with it.

    • Jesus

      Of course I’m serious. The republicans have sat on their hands for almost 4 years but you don’t think they would try and impeach him if they could do it?

      • AC

        Hell yes they would, and I would be the first to sign any petition they put forth.

      • Truth101

        The dems were in control of both houses for the last two years of the Bush admin. and the first two years of the Obama admins. That is how we got Obamacare and Obamacare is why the dems lost the House.

        Since the repubicans have gotten the control of the House they have sent many bills to the senate to past but the senate is controlled by the dems and they are seating on their hands.

  • I didn’t vote, but that cracks me up. I miss Alaska & Wasilla. I should really move home.

  • youthere

    Yes he is serious. Just because the guy hasn’t done ANYTHING useful, doesn’t mean he can be impeached. If the genius that did this said , “don’t vote Obama” , then it would be appropriate.

  • Tony 2012

    Please do America! There’s a lot I could say on this matter. But, I will say this… Because Americans are so blind to the fact of this man’s lies. Furthermore: I’m not for Romney either, but, when it comes down to the less of two evils – then Romney has my vote any day. Bristol… I’m really proud that you had the courage to stand up for what you YOURSELF believes in, and spoke your mind about President Obama’s decision to support gay marriage, the day after he made his public announcement on television. And let me make this clear… As an upcoming “wannabe” film making Director, writer and Producer that lives in Hollywood California… I’m not against homosexual people “male or female” in any shape or form. And I’m not saying that just to increase the possibly of my career. I’m NOT Bi-sexual either. True enough… Some of the very best people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my life, are Homosexuals. My problem is that President Obama is now at “What could possibly” be the end of his 4-year term in office. And now all of sudden after 4-years of being against gay marriage, he’s going to change his mind? Then came on national television in front of 2 Billion Americans and lie about it. Okay! As an American I am offended by this.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    All we have are ‘chickens’ and one Hot Dog lover, 4 legged or in a bun don’t matter in DC. I hope Sarah puts the ‘heat’ on BO in Aug. This 105 degrees is so much like Kenya he feels fine.

  • truga

    My best guess is that Axelrod et al will go to extremes to do things, including sending Palin threatening letters, to make the Palins look bad to the country. IMO, Romney is not Obama’s biggest fear; it’s Sarah Palin. He can’t beat her in a debate or an election. So I expect the Chicago mob to do all sorts of things up to the time of the GOP nominee (I’m writing Palin’s name in). Read Klein’s book, “The Amateur.” It’s very good and shows what a scum Obama really is.

    • chris

      He already beat her in debate….and an election. Are you serious?

  • Allison

    You are such a tool. And ignorant too. You have money, stop being a fame hore and go to college.

    • AC

      If you could do it too Allison you would too. Jealous much? If anyone is a tool that would be you. As well as ignorant. To imagine, you actually came on to her page just to write that! Someone who hunts down another’s page to write something so asinine, is the one with the issues. Jealousy seems to be the most obvious choice. Go Bristol! Allison here is just a tad bit upset she can’t have what you do! No worries!

    • allison,

      And you have no class. You know all you all do is repeat the same thing over and over again.
      Lack of vocabulary, huh!!!

    • Emma Lora

      Allison, you sound very jealous. However the pity you want from us is not good for you, so no pity given. Chin up Allison, Have your own goal instead of jealous of someone elses. Get a job … go to school to achieve your own goal. You will feel better about yourself and won’t get so jealous.

      Bristol is a great example of striving under pressure and gaining positive outcomes from her choices. You can do it too. Good luck Allison.

  • many people not like SP even not like ALASKA. it’s sad, I like Sarah Palin and her family,SARAH YOU GOT VOTE.

    • AC

      Funglaw, I live in Mass a primarily Dem state and yet a great number of people I talk to love Sarah. Dem or not, they know family values and true patriotism when they see it. If Sarah was a guy, they would be beating down her door to run. Someday, I hope.

  • Gina

    Don’t you wish you did, though? 🙂

  • Tabitha

    This literally made my day. (: Your a great role model. I love the fact that your family supports our troops! Thanks again! Let’s go GOP! <3

  • Truth101

    Wasn’t me! HaHaHa

  • Firelight

    For the record, I didn’t either but I will fully admit in my youthful days, I would totally have done something like this, LOL!!!

  • Dawn Elle

    LOL sure sure – ok but What about Willow? LOL

  • Sue Lynn

    Funny sign…glad someone did it!!!! Looking forward to “Life’s a Tripp”!!!!

  • Tiff

    Wish I could take credit for it!

  • jan page

    Kudos to whoever did do it. Bristol I love you and your whole family.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    First of all Allison, take a hike right out of here. No down to the point I wish I would of though doing this. It could be no worse then going out to check out our flag on the 4th only to see that some had pent it’s pole to a 90 degree angle in a effort to steal it.

  • Those Alaskans are smart! Now if they would just teach the rest of the country a thing or two, we might have a chance!
    By the way – loving the new show! Hope you’re getting the discipline thing down now:)
    Keep up the great work Bristol!

  • Carol Gillespie

    Love the sign!!

  • Natalie Reagh

    A good laugh.

  • Bristol this country needs your mom like it has never needed her before. Yesterday I saw were 20 million american get free phone all they have to do is be on some kind of assistance.Next I expect to hear that Obama is hiring twenty million to wipe the butts of people getting free assistance. What they don’t realize is nothing is free. What made me even more mad was to read that money for the phones was going to the richest man in the world some mexican. One of people above that wrote Jesus says Obama has done nothing to be impeached. I guess the person doesn’t read a lot. They are saying Obama has done several impeccable offences One right of the top was not carrying out the immigration laws of this land, also abuse of powers. America is in danger as long as Obama is in power. I saw it written that the USA I believe near Alaska in the last two week have stopped Russian aircraft with nuclear near Alaska. The stupid liberal tried making fun of Sarah when she described Alaska’s power. Seems she knew what she was talking about just the same as with other things she has prove she was right about. Your mom is the one we have no doubt could beat Obama. She is the one Obama is the most afraid of.The country needs her. I only started voting because of Sarah.Since 2008 I have been teaching myself about American politics. Your mom can bring honor back to politics again. Things have gone so wrong because we have too many dirty politicians. With the worse of them being in Washington. They vote on laws they don’t have to live with. How many times have they issued themselves raises at the same time taxing the people. If your mom did what she did in Alaska to Washington a lot of the problems would be fixed Your mom believes in doing what is right not what will keep her elected.If only we could clone her and send it to Washington.Your show is great. You are a lot like your mom. Willow is funny she seems like she would take no garbage from anyone. Bristol you are a inspiration to a lot of young woman. You are teaching them how to love their child and that with hard work they can make it. Keep up the great work you are doing> Most of us love,love you mom but if she can’t run for office for what ever reason I sure hope she can help us get rid of Romney because he is no better than Obummer. Obummer will win with Romney I don’t understand why the GOP wants that to happen.I hope with get to see you brother on your show playing with Tripp. Tell you mom many are praying for her.

  • Emma Lora

    lol, I needed that

  • Mariah

    Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! That is classic!!!!! Love it!!!!!

  • Janel

    Lol best thing ever!!! This would be an awesome late night prank!

  • janel

    still believe a few more need to be hacked and spread across the rest of America…

    • Mariah

      Hahahahaha!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! But more needs to be done!!!! 😉

  • Heather Laurin

    HAHA!! Kudos to whoever did this. We had that up in Tx also. It stayed up for almost a week before being reprogrammed. Gotta love it.

    • Barbara Landi

      We love Texans!

  • bellagrazi

    Hahaha! Awesome! Alaska is Palin country!

  • I did it … with my mind … blame me … 😀

  • David Dempsey

    Good Sign! Every City in the US should have a sign just like that.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I hope I get to see Sarah at the Wayne county fairgrounds on the 14th, I mean things are serious when I take a day off to see a politician!

  • Ed Davis

    I love it!!! Whoever did it needs a medal.

  • Terri

    Well said ! Love it!!

  • Jeff Chamberlain

    Bush did it !