Confession: I’m Not the Cool Parent I Thought I’d Be

Confession: I’m Not the Cool Parent I Thought I’d Be July 10, 2012

Lifetime asked some interesting questions about parenting, family, and life during filming.  Here are some of my answers!

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  • bellagrazi

    It’s better to be a good parent than a cool parent, Bristol. Discipline is the key. But I think you’ve managed to be both to Tripp. You have a lot of fun with him. You’re his mom and playmate rolled into one. I think that’s pretty cool.

    • Carl

      Although the headline did remind me of The Simpsons when Milhouse says “My mom says I’m cool.”

    • Emma Lora

      Bristol you are doing great. When a child is born a specialize instruction book for the baby does not come with him. That special love you have will be the guide. He will know that you love him. Discipline is a challenge for every parent. I come from a large family and I raised 2 kids and have 3 grandchildren. I nor anyone else can give specific advise for Tripp because no one know him as you do. General advise is helpful but advise catered for Tripp is pressumptuous. Your love for him and your faith is/will be your greatest assest in raising Tripp. Enjoy the trip… pardon the pun.

  • Tom Wiley

    My rule is that if you want to ruin a child and set them up for failure, you show them no love and let them do whatever they want. If you want a child to be successful in everything they set out to do, you make them learn responsibility early, set and maintain high standards and show them lots of love.

  • Ann Pinger

    From what I have seen you’ve found a perfect balance between parent and friend. Always believe in your own judgment regarding parenting concerns, you instinctively know what is best for your child. Your parents do too, its awesome how involved they are and that you value their advice. I met Tripp once… he was with your father and Willow and Trig… he seemed like a very fun, cheerful little boy. You appear to be doing an awfully good job! We are proud of our hometown girl and the way she has handled being a single teen parent 🙂 keep up the great attitude we love how you represent Alaskans!

  • Nicole

    I think you are an amazing mom! Tripp is so blessed to have you as his mom.
    I know I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I am so proud of you
    and how you have handled this situation with grace and class!

  • Georgia

    Bristol, you are a wonderful mother to your precious son, Tripp. He is blessed to call you, “Mom”.

  • Piscean Gal

    Hmmm, I don’t think you’ve found the right balance yet. Tripp doesn’t need you as his friend right now. Get him into preschool, with kids his own age. He needs you to be mom, he doesn’t to hear others says, “I HATE YOU!” just so he can parrot it. Willow says it enough times, and apparently Tripp hears it enough to repeat it. He needs to be told firmly, but lovingly, that that kind of talk is NOT acceptable. He needs to be told this by YOU, his MOTHER, not by Willow, who giggles while doing so.

  • BlueVA

    “Cool” parents tend not to earn the respect of their children. Parents make mistakes — they’re only human. Parenting isn’t foolproof, but rather can often be a trial-and-error endeavor. Although I think that reality TV is a scourge on American culture and you’re doing Tripp no favors by making a reality TV show with him in it (and IMHO, you were done no favors by being forced to face the world as an unwed pregnant teen), you seem to be doing your best, and that’s all you can ask of yourself.

  • Yep …that’s the kind of woman I want to marry … the trick is finding her … but first I have work to do on myself so I will be worthy of her … just figured I’d share my thoughts on this