Not Getting the Memo

Not Getting the Memo August 8, 2012

Thank you so much for your amazing support of the post I wrote this week about treating each other with respect, regardless of how we feel about the politics of gay marriage.

After my mom tweeted a nice note about it — and posted an even longer note about it on her Facebook page — it became obvious that not everyone got the memo. Read the resulting tweets here.

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  • I’m so sorry you and your family have to go through this kind of treatment. I’m praying for you all. Just remember Sweetie, the Lord loves you and that’s really all that matters. <3 God will fight your battles! Love you!

  • Nicole

    I just wanted to say that we love your show and my family and I absolutely adore your mother… we wish that she was running for president faithfully your supporters from Florida.

  • Cathi

    I took the message “cue the dumb Palin haters” as – you are dumb if you are a Palin hater. It is my interpretation. I am seriously worried about our country. There is too much hate. If the election goes one way there will be rioting – if it goes the other – our country will get even worse. What kind of world is my 20 year old son going to have to deal with? I am worried about my future grandchildren too. I want the world I had. I want the country that I had. We believed in God and were allowed to express it even in school by saying the pledge. We were allowed to run the neighborhood without fear. We were taught respect for our elders. We were taught to give up our seat for an older person, a sicker person, or a pregnant lady. We were taught to hold a door open for people too. I did teach my son these things and many elderly people would comment “you don’t see children doing this anymore, thank you for teaching him”. He will still hold the door or will try to help the elderly or disabled. He volunteers at an Alzheimers too. Too many his age only think of themselves. He is the odd one, while with my generation, if you didn’t do these things – you were the odd one. Just so you understand, my son is not perfect, but he was raised the way I was. And raising him that way took a lot of time and patience.

    I don’t hate gay people. I don’t want to see them making out in public, just like I don’t want to see heterosexuals making out in public. I feel you should keep what you are and do behind closed doors. I used to run around with a gay guy – he was a good friend. He moved to another state is the only reason we don’t hang out anymore. He didn’t try to push being gay on me and I didn’t try to push being heterosexual on him. We had a great time together. He is a person just like all of us.

  • James

    So what you mean about not getting the memo is not agreeing with you?

    Bristol, lets make this clear for you since you seem to not get the memo.
    You and your mom are actively trying to make sure that some people cannot have the same rights that you have… then you are asking them to pretend that you are not trying to hurt them in that way and to work with you like nothing is wrong. Politics and beliefs affect peoples lives! Especially when you try to make laws based on them… so you are affecting their lives in a way that is hurtful to them. Of course people would assume that you think yourself better than those who you think don’t deserve the same rights as you do! Of course you will be asked those questions! It’s not hate, it’s and easy assumption when you are the one trying to make certain people less than you.

    If someone was trying to hurt your family that way I don’t think you would be ok with them and be all smily and fake to their faces knowing the whole time they will stab you in the back when they get the chance.

    It’s nice to have beliefs, you can believe all you want and live YOUR life that way, but the minute you try to force your beliefs on others and affect the way they live then you are harming people and infringing on their rights. It doesn’t affect you to leave people alone and let them live their lives the way they want to.

    Don’t be shocked because you are being challenged because you want to push your beliefs on others. OF course they will push back… leave them alone and live your own life.

    Humans use sex for procreation about 2-3 times in their lifetimes, the rest of the time they do it for fun. Animals of all shapes and sizes exhibit homosexual behavior just like humans do. God made the animals just like the humans. He didn’t make the animals wrong and he didn’t make humans wrongs. The fear of gay people is a human creation not God’s creation.

    Let it go

    • Jessica

      @James, I’m pretty sure Bristol meant they didn’t get the memo because they spewed hate and trash instead of having a well thought out, reasoned debate. You must have only read part of the memo, since your post was not hateful or hurtful, you just expressed your opinion and how it differed from hers. But you missed the part where she said “To the Left, “tolerance” means agreeing with them on, well, everything. To me, tolerance means learning to live and work with each other when we don’t agree ” She specifically said, it’s ok not to agree, incase you missed that part.

    • Thomas Hubbard

      Oh James it seems to me you lack respect for the Palins views and rights, just what are doing here. True God made man and animals but man is not a animal or have you noticed.

    • Look. I am a conservative and I support Gay rights.. .. But listen here… Not one law has been made against you by any Palin. Not Sarah not Bristol. The last law made against the Gay community was made by Bill Clinton.

      While I support your rights, I cannot support your lies that manipulate an agenda that only hurts the Gay community. The only one telling the Gay community they have no rights are the Democrats. Which is a flat out lie. Holy unions for same sex couples are NOT against the law. Unlike married couples, you have the choice to file taxes together or separately. The majority of large corporations give health benefits for same sex couples. You have the freedom to have health care power of attorney for hospital and emergency situations. You can adopt children or have children of your own. There is no problem with granting custody and no law against it. You cannot be fired for being Gay and you can serve in the military. The narrative pushed upon your community that you have no rights is always a campaign issue with the democrats to get them elected. Once that happens they do nothing for you or your rights. Most Gay people are waking up to that.

      • MotherBushIsBack

        Politicaljules is LYING!

        Where to begin. Gay people DO NOT have the choice to file their taxes together not ANYWHERE federally and certainly not in the 31 states that have passed amendments banning gay marriage.

        I work for a major corporation that does not offer ANY benefits to my partner. If she loses her job I can’t even put her on my insurance while she is unemployed.

        My state does not support adoption for same sex couples.

        My state is one of 29 that can FIRE me simply for being gay.

        Why are you lying about things that are so easily disputed. I hope all the Christians here will call you out for the sin of lying.

  • JJooeeyy

    Love those Palins!

  • James

    A question
    Your beliefs about gay people are based on the bible right?
    So why don’t you believe everything in the bible?
    Do you just pick and choose what you like and pretend the rest isn’t there?

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, thank you for posting the link to examples of the typical liberal tolerance. Exposes the fact of how intolerant they really are. And how vile. Good job! I loved your mom’s note/tweet! Awesome!

    • James

      For the record, Bristol’s example is not from the “typical liberal”. It’s specific crudeness chosen on purpose to try and manipulate a point into what she wants it to be. It’s not the norm and everyone knows it. Just like republican vileness is not the norm but it is there as well.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Actually James, hate from liberals has become run-of-the-mill. Death threats, nasty comments, and the rest aren’t even shocking any more. Liberals hate anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. It’s who they are.

        Go visit The website gathers up typical liberal hate tweets every single day.

        • MotherBushIsBack

          Hey Gary should I post some of the comments from your friends at FREEREPUBLIC.COM?

  • James

    Can you imagine if a law was proposed banning marriage by those who have children out of wedlock? That is what the bible commands. Would you be OK with those people who were actively trying to take away your dream of ever getting married?

    I expect that since your beliefs are biblically based you will stop pressuring Gino on marriage right?

    • MotherBushIsBack

      Great comments James. Of course your won’t get any responses because you used logic and common sense. I’ve noticed that whenever anyone ever states facts or logic that contradicts these people’s belief system they refuse to acknowledge it and just stick their heads in the sand. Then they attack and play the victim card.

  • Sue Lynn

    Geeezzzz It’s like trying to talk sence to a drunk. It’s not you Bristol it’s those that hate. I’m proud of you and you are a good mother, friend, sister and daughter. God Bless…Looking forward to DWTS!!!!!!!…PS We are willing to get along with them but they are not willing to get along with us………….so ho is hate filled?

    • James

      They are not trying to hurt you, they just want you to leave them alone.
      Can you do that? Can you live your life the way you want to without trying to make sure that they can never have what you have?
      It’s easy to say you are trying to get along all the while being the oppressor. You want them to sit down and shut up and pretend that you are not hurting them.

      • Christina

        James, your intelligent thoughts are wasted here. Bristol does not write nor read comments on this blog.

  • Rebsfan

    Bristol you are the Voice of Truth in this troubled season we are living in. We have Pastors and ministers who are affraid to address this issue because of fear. Never give up. Keep using your voice to reach this generation.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    James , We to pray for you.

    • Travis

      Hypocritical! I love its a one way street for liberals like you James. Its ok to for you and others like you to push your gay beliefs on people, but not ok for anyone to just oppose it. You whining lefties have schools telling children that its ok to be gay. Now, if I want to teach a class of children that its NOT ok to be gay, you and the lefty media with be all over it. You are pathetic. You apparently are so interested in other peoples beliefs so much that you watch Bristols show, and apparently have Sarah liked on Facebook, so you can do what? Whine and complain when they dont agree with you. Maybe you should take something from what they are doing instead of whining about it.

      • LilyWww

        Travis, what exactly are Sarah and Bristol ” doing”? They are reality TV stars. Nothing else. The Palins have morphed into the Kardashians. Bravo. But how does one ” take something ” from that?

        • John Kagen

          Um, Bristol is providing for her kid as a single mom good for her (you wont make fun of all the other people doing smilar things in media of course), Sarah is full-time employed at Fox News as a politico, does speeces, help elect conservative non-corrupt senators, and works on her plan how to make sure your hero the son of openly marxist parents will get clobbered like the Chicago-thug deserve.

          November is coming… Are you sweating yet hmm? :~D

          • LilyWww

            Bristol is providing for her kid by selling his story and images …. So no John, not good for her. Better for her would be to get an education and start a career. And Sarah is not employed full-time by Fox, but rather part time for color commentary. That will likely end soon as her appeal has dwindled and she no longer commands the price she once did and her audiences have shrunk. The GOP has wisely distanced itself from her and the politicians that do take her offer for endorsement do so knowing it could be good or bad. She collects millions through her PAC but gives very little to support candidates. The bulk of it goes to ” consultants” and postage (?).

            And now, enough about the Palins, back to
            politics: yes, I’m looking forward to November! 🙂

  • Jilline

    Bristol, is Carson Kressley is on dwts or you get to meet him another way, will you try to engage in a conversation with him? He’s a nice guy and pretty accepting. He wants to meet and talk with you. 🙂

  • lindsay

    Bristol, you cannot seriously be trying to Play the Victim Card again. It got old at around the 200th time. PLEASE give us a break.

  • LilyWww

    Hi James. What you say is all true and valid. Don’t worry that some people don’t get it. First of all, it’s just a matter of time before committed homosexual couple enjoy the same right that heterosexual couples day. And messes like Chik Fil A got themselves into just make it more clear to the lawmakers where the public stands on the issue. Things have been moving pretty quickly in the right direction of late. And secondly, Bristol and her mother don’t care nearly as much as they pretend to about the issue. All of this is really just to get attention. it’s needed to keep them marketable as reality stars and that’s how they make their living now. Pathetic really.

    • MotherBushIsBack

      I agree Lilly. Sarah and Bristol don’t care about gay marriage. They are using it because it resonates with the demographic that supports them. Republicans have always been very good at manipulating people with fear. So have religious leaders come to think of it.

    • Lily, the only pathetic thing is that you think you have no rights. You can have a holy union in your church and it is not against the law. No one is stopping you. If it is the tax recognition you want, you got it. You can file taxes together or separately. You can get a government subsidized home loan with you and your partners name on it. You have benefits and you have health care decisions all covered. Obama did not do that nor will he do anything for your. I could understand if he did something for the Gay community in the last for years that would make you champion him for your vote, but he has not.

      • MotherBushIsBack

        Liar! Post a link where it shows gay couples can file taxes together. Post a link requiring businesses to provide health benefits to same-sex couples.

        And President Obama over turned Don’t Ask Dont Tell, came out in support of marriage, and has appointed more openly gay people than all other presidents combined. He has appeared at gay rights organizations like HRC and GLAAD. He has granted interviews to major gay publications. NO REPUBLICANS have done any of these things. Oh yeah…and the DNC have added marriage equality to their platform this year. Stop lying.

      • LilyWww

        Politicaljules, you have it all wrong. First of all I’m not gay. I am a married heterosexual. And secondly, I don’t know where you get your information but what you think you know about gay rights is wrong. You might want to fix that.

  • LauraJ

    Bristol and her mother aren’t the pathetic ones.. it is people like Lily and James that are pathetic. They spew hate while trying to tell others not to hate.. Makes no sense to me. I am going to generalize here.. cause you can’t throw everyone into a box. Christians in general do not hate.. we aren’t trying to take anyone’s rights away. Marriage is between one man and one woman. period. I don’t have the right to marry 2 men.. or a child, or another woman do I? We aren’t taking away their rights cause they and no one else has those rights they want. They want “special” rights. Christians, and again I am generalizing, believe that homosexuality is a sin.. no different from stealing, or adultery or lieing. Christians believe they chose to be that way and can choose to go back to what they were born to be, heterosexual.

    • MotherBushIsBack

      LauraJ why don’t you google the crusades and get back to me about Christians not hating “in general”.

      • John Kagen

        LOL, why don’t you go back to the 60’s and see how KKK was made up of democrats and their fight against racial equality. What a stupid point to make Mrs. Anonymous.

  • LilyWww

    And when you are done that Laura, you might want to consider that we have separation of church and state in this country and your religious beliefs do not apply to everyone.

  • Beth

    Bristol and Sarah. They will never leave you alone no matter what you say. Just both of u know that you have many supporters..even though I believe in gay marriage, but I believe in freedom of speech even more!

  • Seems that most of ur haters only read old testament. They missed the most important part…. BTW- i was raised by a 17 year old mom who is strong like u. Not ideal, but God knew I needed to have only her. your faithful sister,

  • Catarina

    I strongly believe that 50 years from now, the right to marry someone of the same sex will just be another civil right – similar to the one that has been granted to women and minorities in the past. You will be doomed to become ‘the old racist lady’ of the future if you catch my drift.

    • LilyWww

      50 years Catarina? I don’t think it will take that long for the US to catch up. Public opinion is now changing at a faster rate and young people are more supportive than old. it’s just a matter of time. 4 years? 10 years?

      • Bree Merr

        Many hope there will be gay marriages in the future. Sharia law may be more prevalent in this world in the future than democracy. Stoning of gay couples are a threat in these countries. If Sharia law also becomes more prevalent in this country as some would want, then perhaps stonings will be here in the future as well. Hopefull that will not be the case. If a Judeo-Christian foundation is eroded in this country then Sharia may fill the void. Many non-christian countries are now stoning gays. So what do you want in the future? A country with a Judeo-Christian foundation or a country w/out a Judeo-Christian foundation?

        • LilyWww

          Bree,how about we continue with the separation of church and state as per the origins of this country? See the problem with your wanting our country to be based on the religious beliefs of the majority? It’s all fine by you do long as that religion is yours. Scare tactics aside, that’s what you are saying.

        • John Kagen

          Shhh Bree they don’t want to talk about Sharia and stuff like Hillary and Obama catering to the Muslim Brotherhood etc. If they had to talk about that they would have to explain why Gay organizations support Palestinians (Hamas, Fatah) that explicitly say that Gays must be killed and then find some vacuous reason to rage against Israel that has annual Gay parades in Tel Aviv…

          You see, leftists have to live the life of paradoxes.

          As defined to them by their community that is; who to love and support and who to hate, these definitions are based on ideology and politics.

          You get extreme hate against any type of Christian moderate or not as they are mostly white and middle-class, and obligatory love for people like Palestinians due to the obsessive perceived suffering by minorities in general and “brown people” in particular (to feel that they every day mentally amend for the old time slave-trades etc. and democrats being racists until the 60s).

          You just have to feel sympathy with them and hope they one day grow up.

          • LilyWww

            John, you are exactly the target market Sarah is going after.

  • Jilline

    Been thinking. I think the sad thing about the Bristol/Levi situation is that the media purposefully pitted Bristol against Levi right when they inevitably broke up. They baited Levi to mock Bristol and provide rude commentary and comment on things he had no reference to. Levi had no prospects and no parenting /guidance, so he pursued Flist fame. He disrespected the people who once helped him because it brought him money and brought about his own bad reputation by his own actions. People esp in AK didn’t dislike him for what was said about him. They hated him for how callous and dumb he was. And sadder, he doesn’t realize this. He shows zero remorse for his hurtful words and superficial, uneducated opinions spouted. Tripps lucky to have a mother who has had a stable job since his birth. Sure she takes a few hollywood jobs. For what she’s gone through, she deserves it. It’s not like it’s affecting Tripp’s happiness level. He always looks like the most cheerful little boy, unless it’s naptime 🙂 Hes lucky to have a mother who has his best interests at heart and a mother who is wary of people like Levi who have the capability of acting like that. She’s guarded with who is around her son and considering Levi’s sister has said some nasty things privately and publicly, why shouldn’t she readily trust her? What was she supposed to do back then when Levi was on the attack? Listen to her son’s father trash her family and by extension her son and take him back immediately? Bristol’s NEVER said one word against Levi’s family to the media, other than talking about lies from them. Tripp is blessed to be a Palin and hopefully one day his father will find remorse for his actions and realize he did this to himself.

    • LilyWww

      Bristol has never said bad things about Levi or his family? Hmmmmm…. I think you need to rethink that. True Levi is not the smartest knife in the drawer. Neither is Bristol. But Levi has no connections and no power unlike the Palins. And sadly the people he thought were advising him legally and professionally were working against him for Sarah Palin, or so it appears. The thing that I find most hilarious is how Bristol criticized Levi for going the Hollywood route. Ouch! That’s come back to bite her…. And the whole Palin family.

  • Nightbird

    Hey, Bris. The one article I read about it yesterday put it like ‘Would you mind dancing with a gay partner?” and they had your answer down as “Of course.”. I thought it was odd because I know that you didn’t. Maybe it was at twitchy. I can’t recall, darn it!

  • LOVE your blog, so glad I found it! Saddened by the fact that so many people are blinded by such hatred, and so very disappointed by all the mean-spirited comments towards your mom after she posted about you on Twitter. Never EVER take personally what they are saying. They are a captive people, trapped in darkness, unable, for now, to unclench their fists to accept God’s grace and mercy. Keep shining, right where you are, Bristol! <3

    • Timbit

      Right on Pam!! They are on the devil’s train straight to hell to meet their father! One way ticket, you homosexuals. Remember that!

  • WorkEthic

    What real “stable job” exists that would allow someone to run off to Hollywood and still be there when you get back? None.

    • LilyWww

      Exactly Workethic. I call foul.

    • Timbit

      Buzz off, dear Bristol works hard in a dermatologists office. She provides for her son with that job!

      • Gilly

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Christin Denison

    The funny thing about the entire gay marriage issue is that marriage, and the whole concept of marriage, originated from a Biblical principle. The purpose of marriage is to unite 2 bodies as one FOREVER, and to help avoid sexual sin. The Bible also states that homosexuality is sinful. Why is it, then, that the gay community desires to partake in a Biblical philosophy when the Bible so clearly states that it is a sin to be involved in a homosexual relationship? I would expect that anything originating from Biblical doctrine would be frowned upon by the gay rights movement. Hypocritical if you ask me.

    • MiddleRoader

      If marriage is forever, then I guess all the divorced people who remarried are really living in sin?
      And yes, marriage is based on a Biblical principle, but it is now a societal and legal norm.
      And why would the gay rights movement frown upon anything Biblical. Gay is not synonymous with non-religious. I actually agree with Lily’s comment below. The only problem is “civil union” just sounds hokey- I just can’t see someone getting down on one knee and asking, “Will you civilly unite with me?” 🙂

      • chris

        Marriage is not founded on Biblical principals. If that were the case, marriage would not have existed before the Bible. Unfortunately for those who believe that, you are misinformed. Despite what you want to believe, marriage is today, as it has always been, a contract for the passage of goods, properties and titles from one generation and family to another. Thats it! It is a contract. It has very little to do with “God blessing a union”. Do you need a license from the church/ government to be baptized? To be confirmed/ receive the eucharist? No, you dont! Yet, in each of these acts you are engaging in a contract with God. THESE are events that are described and made in the Bible. The government doesnt care if you are baptized, you dont pay any different taxes, their is no special license. How come? If marriage is put on the same plane biblically as these other sacraments, how come you have to do it “legally”?
        That is because it is the same as its always been, a legal transfer of goods and benefits.
        This is where people are confusing the entire conversation. Gay couples are not fighting for the law to tell them that they have the right to have their marriage recognized by God, in YOUR church. What they want is the right to share the benefits of other married couples, I.E. Health/Life Insurance, power of attorney, the right to adopt children without hassle.
        This is going to be a conversation so long as people see this as attack against God and the Church. You are bending this out of shape. This is about rights, not religion.

        • Gilly

          Excellent points Chris.

        • chris,

          It has everything to do with God blessing!!! I am going to list some scripture that you
          may or may not want to read. It is entirely up to you. If you do not believe that the
          Bible was inspired by God, ( I for one believe there is no way it could have survived
          if had not been, and reading and studing the history of it you can see why) then you
          will not be interested in the following scriptures;

          Genesis 2:21-24
          1 Corinthians 7:39
          Romans 13:1-2
          Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13
          1 Corinthian 6:9-10
          Society tends to have a pocket size God. They re-arrange what he has put in play to
          suit their wants. In my believe (and I am not saying that everyone has to believe like
          I do) it just doesn’t work that way. We have a road map that we either believe or we don’t
          believe. It is to help us on our journey through life in reaching our goal to have eternal life. We have been given by God free will. We can take the bible seriously or we can just fool
          around with it and not take it seriousy.

          There are more scriptures throughout the bible on this topic.

        • MiddleRoader

          Good points, Chris. I stand corrected. I think Millie is illustrating your point that people are confusing legal marriage with religious marriage. If marriage is “God’s blessing,” then confirmed atheists would not be allowed to get marriage licenses. Millie is perfectly within her rights to say that her marriage (if she is married) is God’s blessing. Presumably she got married in a church, and her union was blessed by God. By the same token, Bristol is perfectly within her rights, and probably in the majority, to believe in “God’s plan for marriage”. But God’s plan for marriage is not necessarily the government’s plan. God’s plan for marriage forbids adultery, but the government doesn’t. On the other hand, changing a law, especially a long-standing one, is a big deal, and there should be good reason to do so, and there should be good evidence that if the law is changed, there are no harmful effects on individuals or society. My opinion is yes, there is good reason, and no harmful effects. But that’s just my opinion, and frankly it doesn’t matter that much. However, Biblical arguments, while valid in one’s personal life, aren’t really the way to go to effect legal changes. Proponents of gay marriage should try to get it on the ballot in more states, and try to get it passed. Opponents should do what they can not to have it pass. My guess is it will take time, but eventually it will become law because as a whole, we are becoming a more inclusive society.

  • LilyWww

    As long as marriage is what is recognized for various public benefits and rights, than committed couples will get married even if, like myself, it has nothing to do with religion. What we need is to have a recognized civil union and then marriage can be seen as simply a religious thing.

  • LilyWww

    And speaking of Sarah Palin, what’s with the Hollywood sunglasses? In every photo lately she’s wearing them indoors and out. Is she trying to hide something? She doesn’t look well.

    • hrh


      What a Journolist sheeple. A coupla’ articles have used this silly meme lately, so I guess you just picked it up there.

      Hello? Think it through.

      It’s called prescription sunglasses.

      She doesn’t wear glasses for looks, you know.

      So when she’s at a sunny event and is wearing prescription sunglasses, she can’t take them off, or she won’t be able to see.

      Please think through your baseless, rather silly accusations before making them.

      • Timbit

        That’s right!!! I have also read some comments on the form shaping superman t-shirt she was wearing. That sure wasn’t for looks.

        • John Kagen

          That’s right Dimbit, it was a Sarah Steelman volunteer-shirt (Man of Steel = Steelman get it?) but you being the typical misogynist lefty that love to hate the ones that your community say is ok to hate, don’t care for any of that, just go with the message and the official approved hate.

      • LilyWww

        Gosh hrh, that must be right! No way could she carry other glasses to put on inside like other people. Oh but wait…. However did she manage at all those other outdoor events during the 2008 election? Sorry not buying it. What’s really going on with the sunglasses Sarah?

        And yes Timbit, the tight Superman t and the heavily padded bra weren’t just for looks! What was that whole ridiculous outfit supposed to say? Talk about silly!

        • John Kagen

          You would actually have to care to understand, but as it is just an avenue for you to show off your approved hate-messages, there is no reason to explain it to your type. Lefty = Hate.

          • LilyWww

            John, there is no understanding that outfit she borrowed from Piper’s closet and the shoes from who knows where!

        • John Kagen

          Lily thank you for showing your ignorance and my point.

          • Timbit

            Thank you for pointing out my error John! It’s nice to have people who know everything about Sarah to explain things! I know the pain you feel when people are critical of dear Sarah. I have shed tears as well. Like you, I believe she is God’s earth walking angel, sent to us in human form. She only speaks truth about the evils of gay marriage and the persecution Christians face everyday in our country. I have heard of good Christian teens committing suicide because of the bullying and torture they have endured at the hands of their atheist classmates. I have heard of atheist teens that have seen the light and turned to God and their family throwing them out and disowning them. It’s tragic.

        • sodakhic

          What was that bag Hilary was wearing in Africa, OMG. She must have a disease., even the pant suits look better.

  • Hayley

    Liberals….they only want tolerance when it works in favor with their beliefs.

  • Lisa Willis

    I don’t understand why people follow you and read your tweets if they don’t like you? They have nothing better to do than bash you?? Losers! I follow the people I LIKE and am interested in what they have to say (aka Sarah and Bristol). I love how you can laugh at all the haters. Powerful women! Love it!!

    • Timbit

      Right on Lisa! I listen to people who have the same political and religous beliefs as me. Why would I follow anyone with different beliefs? They would never change my mind anyway!

  • onlyhope77

    Here’s what blows my mind…they call you a “hater” but they’re responses are unbelievable!
    Its obviously a set up to sabotage you your mom and any other folks around with biblical beliefs. There is some very big money in very high places in the liberal camp. I’m sure they hire people to come against you and your family with such hatred. If you shut up they will stop. They want to close the mouths of every believer in Jesus Christ. Bible says if they hate Me they will hate you. Great is your/our reward in heaven! Let the fight begin. He’s already won.

    • LilyWww

      Onlyhope, Sarah and Bristol sabotage themselves.

  • Bristol
    If we were suppose to get a memo either I did not get it or it just hasn’t come through????

  • Shannon

    I am so sorry that so many say hateful things. Keep standing strong and please don’t let the words of others affect you!!

    • Paulette Gardner

      It breaks my heart to see the horrible way you and your family are treated by some. You have a wonderful way of dealing with it that can’t be beat. That being your trust in the Lord. Sending prayers for many blessings your way.

  • jojo

    This makes me sad and unfortunately it is just the beginning (from the boards):
    ….”After watching Bristol’s reality show and seeing her extremely poor parenting skills on display week after week she’s already provided the judge with more than enough proof that she’s an unfit parent. Not only is she unfit, but she remains blissfully ignorant about parenting in general. She has stated on numerous occasions that she’s doing a “terrible job parenting Tripp.” Yet she never makes the effort to improve her parenting skills. It’s disheartening watching a person admit their flaws and then do absolutely nothing to better themselves or their situation. There are countless books and parenting classes available but Bristol would rather remain uneducated because it’s easier for her to play the victim and sit around and complain, than it is for her to put forth a little effort and learn how to be a better parent. Sorry, but Tripp’s behavior isn’t the same as most normal 3 or 4 year old boys. Based on the poor parenting skills Bristol showed on her reality show, Levi now has a much better chance of winning full custody.”

    So many are saying they won’t vote for her and want to vote for anyone else to get her off week 1. Please support Bristol on that voting site and with some nice posts and by voting every Monday night and/or Tuesday mornings when the show starts.

  • tinytwotoned

    Alaskan marriage is between a man and his pregnant girlfriend and/or sister.