The Truth about Sarah Palin’s “White Dress Scandal”

The Truth about Sarah Palin’s “White Dress Scandal” February 20, 2015

No doubt you’ve noticed that mom mom caused a stir by the outfit she word to the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary.  (Check out her funny appearance here and the weird hecklers who showed up here.)

Why? According to the Daily News:

The outfit Sarah Palin wore to the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration raised some eyebrows — and some questions about whether she raided her daughter’s closet. The former Alaska governor made quite a splash on the red carpet at the star-studded affair, showing a lot of skin in a short, white dress that appeared to be the same one her daughter, Bristol, wore to the 2011 White House Correspondents Association dinner.

Well, here’s the truth about that.  They’re right about having already seen it.   Mom borrowed my dress.  Who cares?!

I think it is funny how much people dig into the dumbest stuff.  My mom hates shopping, so why not use a dress we already had?  Most Americans wear their clothes more than once, and Mom is the most down to earth woman around.

That is a GOOD thing! Plus, she looked great.

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