Analyzing Steve Skojec’s Poop Slinging at the Pope: A Running Commentary

Analyzing Steve Skojec’s Poop Slinging at the Pope: A Running Commentary July 19, 2016

Ah, but of course. Pope St John Paul II warned against invading Iraq, and the noble Conservatives in this country didn’t heed that warning. So now, they blame Pope Francis for the consequences of their not having listened to his predecessor. Brilliant reasoning, this. Now, in the past, Skojec himself has admitted that the Iraq War was a misadventure, but it would appear this is resultant of spotting individual mistakes in a myopic manner, failing to properly grasp the wider framework in which they’re set. ISIS now exists, largely because reactionaries in this country were gung ho for an ill advised display of military power, contrary to the call of a pontiff who stressed the importance of justice, civility, temperate judgment, and thoughtful consideration. One might think a Catholic, given some degree of contemplation, would arrive at the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, the recent past presents a lesson that ought to be learnt now: That when the present Pope likewise calls for justice, and charity, we should heed that call, and not repeat the mistake of embracing unbridled militarism as our Lord and Savior.

“Islam has not officially been blamed yet, but it never is.”

On the contrary, Islam is blamed all the time — especially by bigots like Skojec. And it doesn’t get more official than the OnePeterFive blog.

“ISIS has made their intentions clear — a year ago — but how many have forgotten? How many realize that they see their fight as a war between the followers of the prophet and those of Christ?”

There’s that unfettered faith in ISIS that he exhibited earlier, with respect  to the Eiffel Tower. It never ceases to amuse me, how people who unthink like Skojec does, believe that Muslims in general, and ISIS in particular, are the worst examples of humanity around — but ISIS never lies, misdirects, or equivocates in order to provoke. No, ISIS always tells the truth, about everything! Did these same people believe Bagdad Bob when he claimed US troops were being beaten back?

“This could all have been prevented. Many have warned of what’s coming, myself among them. But self-delusion is an awful drug.”

Jews, Christians, and Muslim scholars answer your fundamental questions.
Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scholars answer your fundamental questions.

Yes, self delusion really is a terrible drug. And Skojec would appear to have OD’d on it prior to writing this article. One wonders what the practical manifestation of this warning-that-could-have- prevented-everything might be, exactly. Does Skojec believe that by running around with one’s hair on fire, dutifully repeating ISIS’ own propaganda, and spewing uninformed invective at Muslims everywhere, would have ensured these terrorist acts never occurred?

Skojec and his fellow reactionaries fancy themselves realists dispensing hard truths. The reality, however, is that, aside from unwittingly sharing much in common with ISIS’ mentality, they don’t actually understand the strategic game that ISIS is playing. The so-called ‘Islamic State’ is the Ramsay Bolton on the field, doing everything they can to goad their enemies into charging headlong into the quagmire. They want Muslims to feel marginalized and oppressed in Western countries, in the hope of gaining more supporters from among those who feel they have no where else to turn (something that, as we shall soon see, Skojec is eager of assisting them with). This was a game they played beautifully in Syria, where, in the absence of American and European intervention, they emerged as the ostensible champion of the oppressed under Asad’s regime. Additionally, they have been quite clear in making known that they desperately want a ground war with the United States. They find ideal accomplices in the Skojecs out there who can’t keep their cool, and in turn argue for doing precisely what ISIS is desirous of; the Sonny Corleones, who unwisely tear out in rage only to find themselves bloodied on the causeway.

Evangelii Gaudium 253 — and by extension, the Catholic Church — is wrong about Islam.”

And by extension, Jesus of Nazareth was a fraud, and the magisterium does not enjoy any divine protection. That, naturally, is the logical conclusion that flows inevitably from Skojec’s premise. Fear not, however — for where Holy Mother Church errs, Skojec has been given us by Almighty God, to impart the truth!

“Islam is a supremacist ideology, and it hates you. Not because you’re free, but because you’re not a part of this death cult of barbarism.”

Pay close attention now, because the same person who wrote those words, decrying barbarism and an authoritarian ideology that demands loyalty under threat of force, then goes on to say this:

“It will not stop. It must be driven out of our nations, suppressed, and if possible, destroyed. Individual Muslims must be converted or rendered harmless.”

Uncanny, isn’t it? One gets the distinct feeling that, if he didn’t have an a priori hatred of Muslims, or anyone claiming to be a Muslim, Skojec and the Taliban would get on quite well! Think about it. Both he and they (and ISIS) feel that they’re uniquely positioned to explicate a religion they’re nominally members of; they viscerally hate entire groups of people, due to a tortured, inchoate conceptualization of what those people believe; and they feel that these others must either convert, or be “rendered harmless.”

Like Jimmy Swaggart, standing outside a strip-club, Steve Skojec is what he hates.

He deserves our prayers.

William Casidy grew up as a PK (Pastor’s Kid, for those not in the know) in the Assemblies of God, who, upon becoming literate at an early age, inadvertently stumbled on books containing notions that caused him to further indulge in questioning his own beliefs. Through studying the historical development of Christianity, and other religious beliefs, while also studying philosophy and formal logic, he arrived at the conclusion that Catholicism held the surest claim to having divine revelation. Since then, William has continued to articulate the tenets of Catholicism, often fall short of its obligations, and comment on political, cultural, and philosophical matters in light of what the Church teaches.

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