My Top 6 OT Commentaries (Numbers)

My Top 6 OT Commentaries (Numbers) June 1, 2021

We are continuing our series on top picks on OT commentaries from OT experts. Here is where we are at so far:

Genesis (Dr. J. Richard Middleton)

Exodus (Dr. Carmen Joy Imes)

General OT Resources (Dr. Cyndi Parker)

Leviticus (Dr. John T. Noble)

Today, I bring you the top 6 picks on NUMBERS from Dr. Matthew Schlimm. (See my profile interview with Schlimm HERE).

Matthew Schlimm is Professor of Old Testament at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. He has written several books, including This Strange and Sacred Scripture and 70 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know. His own commentary on Numbers appears as part of the Wesley One Volume Commentary.


Dr. Matthew Schlimm


Timothy R. Ashley (NICOT): This work has some of the best resources when it comes to establishing the text. So, if you’re working with textual criticism or translation, this commentary is a great one to open.

Baruch Levine (Anchor Bible): This two-volume commentary is especially helpful in understanding Numbers in its ancient Near Eastern context. Written by a leading Jewish scholar, it also interacts heavily with the Hebrew.

Jacob Milgrom (JPS Torah): This commentary also provides a Jewish perspective on the text. It’s filled with insights. Milgrom is one of the best scholars ever to study books like Numbers. So, while the commentary came out in 1990, it’s still very good.


Carolyn Pressler (Abingdon OT): This commentary has a lot going for it. It’s fairly new (2017). It interacts with Hebrew without getting too technical. It’s one of the few commentaries on Numbers written by a woman. Especially helpful are its sections on “Theological and Ethical Analysis.”

David L. Stubbs (Brazos Theological): While this commentary goes into a fair amount of depth and has extensive footnotes, it is geared toward guiding pastors. It’s especially helpful for understanding Numbers in relation to the rest of the Christian Bible.


Katharine Doob Sakenfeld (ITC): This commentary, called Journeying with God, is engaging, accessible, and concise. Focusing on the book’s final form, it gives particular attention to theological ideas like God’s loyalty and human leadership.


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