Watch: Baptisms galore in two new clips from Mary Magdalene

Watch: Baptisms galore in two new clips from Mary Magdalene April 12, 2019

Mary Magdalene — starring Rooney Mara as the title character, Joaquin Phoenix as Jesus and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Peter — has finally arrived in North America, and today its distributor posted a few clips from the film to YouTube.

Two of the clips are new to me, and interestingly, both of them show Jesus and his disciples baptizing people — a facet of Jesus’ ministry that is mentioned in the Bible but is rarely depicted in film. (John 3:22-26 seems to indicate that Jesus himself was baptizing people, but John 4:2 says it was the disciples and not Jesus who did the baptizing.)

In ‘Miracle Worker’, the disciples baptize people in the background while Mary watches Jesus heal a blind (or at least vision-impaired) woman:

And in ‘Mary’s Baptism’, Jesus himself baptizes Mary Magdalene:

IFC Films has also released YouTube versions of two clips that I posted here before.

In ‘God’s Presence’, Jesus meets Mary Magdalene for the first time:

And in ‘Forgiveness’, Jesus tells some women to obey God rather than men:

Mary Magdalene is now playing in theatres across the United States and Canada.

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