Teen Vogue Cancels Representative Matt Gaetz’s Subscription

Teen Vogue Cancels Representative Matt Gaetz’s Subscription April 6, 2021

Washington DC – Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has somehow managed to get himself deeper in the trouble bubble. The Department of Justice is investigating him for child trafficking. Conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson demonstrated he doesn’t want Gaetz to drag him down with him. And there are rumors swirling that he showed inappropriate pictures of the young women he slept with to other representatives on the floor of the House. Adding to this laundry list of self-inflicted woe the magazine Teen Vogue officially announced it canceled Matt Gaetz’s subscription.

Teen Vogue Cancels Matt Gaetz

Teen Vogue started in 2003 and focuses on the fashion needs of teenage girls. Over the years the monthly magazine started to cover politics and current events. Teen Vogue’s mission statement shows the organization’s goals aren’t simply focused on clothes:

Teen Vogue is the young person’s guide to saving the world. We aim to educate, enlighten and empower our audience to create a more inclusive environment (both on-and offline) by amplifying the voices of the unheard, telling stories that normally go untold, and providing resources for teens looking to make a tangible impact in their communities.

Andrea Canard is CEO of Teen Vogue and isn’t afraid to speak out about why they canceled Matt Gaetz’s subscription. “The man is a monster. At the very least he doesn’t respect women. At the worst, he targets teens and abuses them. And that’s why he earned a lifetime ban.”

Ms. Canard refused to talk any further about other GOP lawmakers who are regular readers of the periodical.

The publishers of Seventeen magazine also announced they are canceling Gaetz’s subscription.

In related news, Pat Robertson is to host Jeopardy!

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