Forever Catholic: Why the Pew study doesn’t matter

Forever Catholic: Why the Pew study doesn’t matter June 3, 2015

Jesus founded the Church with his Twelve Apostles, appointing Peter as the first pope. They all remained faithful but one – Judas Iscariot.

He fell away from the Church. 

Not only did he fall away, he betrayed our Lord.

So, 1/12th of the Church’s foundation fell away while Jesus was with his apostles. That’s 8.34%. It’s not that far off from the 10.9% loss cited in the Pew study.

Even though it grieved him, Jesus didn’t give up after Judas’ betrayal. He carried on with his mission, and looked to those who yet remained faithful.

In spite of an unfortunate bout of cowardice – all but John ran off and left Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane – the remaining apostles fervently continued to build the Church as Jesus had directed them.

That’s exactly where we’re at today. Yes, some have left the Church and probably more will, too. But those of us who remain faithful – and there still are a good portion of us – will fervently continue to help build the Church as Jesus has directed.

The gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.

I stand with the Catholic Church, now and forever. Since infancy, it’s been my source of life, hope, courage, and at times, even my sanity.

I depend on the sacraments for strength, and rely on the Word of God for guidance. I find purpose and community in the Liturgy. The teachings of the Church make sense to me, and so I love them and follow them as best I can.

I’m at home here, and nothing can change that.


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