News: Jill Duggar Dillard Officially Pregnant

News: Jill Duggar Dillard Officially Pregnant December 20, 2016

newsAll the speculation and rumors of this past week were officially confirmed this morning – Jill Duggar Dillard is pregnant with her and husband Derick’s second child.  Due in July.

“We are so excited to be expecting Dillard baby #2!” Jill and Derick tell PEOPLE exclusively. “Children really are a wonderful blessing from God. Having Israel has been such a delight to us that we know a second sweet baby will only continue to add joy to our family. We are thankful to God for this sweet child and we cannot wait to see her or him face to face!”

People magazine goes on to quote Derick that the couple wants to adopt too in the future. No word on if they are planning to go back to El Salvador any time soon.

No word on if newly wed Jinger Duggar Vuolo is expecting or how she and new husband Jeremy are settling in or if they are living in Texas or Arkansas.

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  • texassa

    They very clearly shared their intentions for El Salvador recently in one of the interview specials. Jill and Derick said they would not be returning if and when Jill became pregnant. At that point it became very clear this was her immediate goal as she did not want to return to their “mission work.”

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    They are still actively collecting donations for a return.

  • texassa

    They’re still collecting donations. They’ve been clear they won’t return if Jill is pregnant – which she is. What the donations are actually going toward I have no idea.

  • Emilie Bishop

    I feel so sorry for Jill. She’s said herself that she panics at every little sound in their new home, and not even laughing at herself in a “Then we saw what it was, and we felt so silly!” way. I wish someone would tell her she can still be a devoted Christian even if the mission field isn’t for her. It’s a huge transition that a lot of people with “normal” upbringings can’t or won’t make. At least they have sense enough to let her give birth where she’s more comfortable.

  • Nea

    More comfortable? With a record of life-threatening complications and a mother who insists on natural home birth?

  • Nea

    Their spending money most likely. They’ve already had to return donations received for the mission and misspent.

  • Val

    If I were her I would be terrified of living in El Salvador. Mission work in such a dangerous country is not for everyone, especially with a toddler.

  • Emilie Bishop

    Jill seems to be more emotionally comfortable surrounded by her family. I didn’t say healthier, especially if she goes against good medical sense at delivery time again.

  • paganheart

    Here’s hoping that after the near-fatal disasters of their first deliveries, both Jill and Jessa (or their husbands) insist on nice, safe, boring hospital deliveries attended by qualified doctors or nurse midwives, as opposed to unsafe home births attended by unlicensed hack lay midwives. Hospital deliveries don’t make for great “reality” TV drama (unless you’re a Kardashian I guess) but the drama of a dead mother or baby is something the Duggars (and their ratings) would never recover from….yes I wish this family would vanish from TV, but I wish that kind of tragedy on no one.

    If the Duggars insist on sharing the wonders of home birth with their fans, there’s always Jinger (no doubt she will be announcing her first pregnancy in a matter of weeks or months) and there’s another Dugger daughter “courting” who no doubt will be married off and knocked up within the next year. Gotta keep that reality TV gravy train going….and bring ever more righteous (read: white) evangelical babies into the world…. *headdesk*

  • Val

    I hope they will choose a different route this time. Jill had a C-section last time, VBAC are possible but not in any case and only with professional help. I hope she chooses a hospital birth

  • Nea

    And ruin the Duggar narrative about how natural and easy quiverfull is?

  • Nea

    In the long run, child molestation didn’t hurt the ratings. Death would only raise the viewer numbers.

  • Jenna

    I’m sure I’m not the only one doing the math here… Even if she’s due July 1st, the absolute earliest she found out about the pregnancy was end of October, right? And more likely it was into November, depending on due date. All while their “plan” was to be in the US for a “short term that will extend into the fall”.

    Uh huh. I definitely believe that was your plan… I’m sure you had plane tickets booked and everything to jet out shortly after Jinger’s wedding. Tooootally sure…

    Also, I will just never understand the Costco packs of pregnancy tests…le sigh.

  • paganheart

    I’m starting to wonder if their “mission work” was less about a religious calling and more about TV ratings. There seems to be be a common trope in many “reality ” TV shows of sending the “stars” into exotic or unusual locales, and documenting, basically, “how the animals behave when removed from their usual habitat.” (And they behave very badly, more often than not.) Maybe Jill and her husband had some actual, legitimate interest in missionary work, but we all know they have absolutely no education in it, no proper training, and no sponsoring church or NGO. The whole thing stinks of a plot device cooked up in reality TV producers’ office, to create a storyline, drive ratings, and exploit two naive young people who legitimately (if misguidedly) wanted to help people. Said producers may have had an assist from Jim Bob and Michelle; Jill showed a few serious cracks in the whole “Yes my brother molested me but God forgave him so it’s okay now” family line during that awful Fox interview. Maybe Jim Bob threw her (and her husband) a proverbial bone in the form of their own mission trip storyline, to keep them from breaking rank and wrecking the family’s TV gravy train once and for all. Nothing this family does would shock me at this point.

  • Jenna

    On another note, did anyone else pick up on Jill’s facial expressions at the end of their announcement video? She’s biting her lip, and doing lots of swallowing, and literally looks like she’s about to cry. Could be just a weird tick, or hormones… Or maybe I’m just grasping for signs of life under the facade…

  • Astrin Ymris

    It may be because if Jill contracted Zika in El Salvador, the baby might be effected even if it was conceived in the U. S. Viruses can “hide out” in the body, ready to cause trouble years later– like Herpes.

    If she does have Zika, even if the baby looks okay at birth, Zika might cause impairment that won’t show up until the baby starts missing milestones.

    There’s still so little known about the Zika virus.

  • paganheart

    My sister and niece almost died from a VBAC attempt gone horribly wrong, and she was at a major teaching hospital surrounded by well-qualified doctors and nurses. I just can’t even fathom attempting a VBAC at home…it would be dangerous and grossly irresponsible, at best, and at worst, grounds for manslaughter charges if and when things go wrong.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    I wouldn’t put it past them. It’s not like they have a lot of career opportunities outside of reality TV.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    I kind of doubt she’ll try that again. Michelle clearly exerts an unhealthy influence but she is not the boss in this situation.

  • Nea

    I’m-Bob and the cameras are the boss, and after JB monetized molestation for ratings, nothing is beneath him.

  • Overitmom

    I know that C-sections get riskier too the more children you have since you have to reopen weak wounds over and over again… Which would mean that Jill couldn’t have as many children as she wants. Perhaps that is why they hope for VBACs, since you can have more pregnancies?