Quoting Quiverfull: Part 6 – 7 Things Michael Pearl Thinks Are Important?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 6 – 7 Things Michael Pearl Thinks Are Important? December 20, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy magazine – Seven Things I See

Editor’s note: Michael uses his prison ministry as his illustrative point here, ignoring the obvious problems in the prison population. He acts like substance abuse issues, childhood abuse, lack of education or lack of financial resources play no role in the successful rehabilitation of the prison population. He prefers to chalk it up to sheer laziness. Is it laziness to not know how to best engage in work, or to lack the tools to participate in society?

5. Laziness destroys success.

The Scriptures call it slothfulness. Teaching a child to love working is one of the greatest gifts you can impart. I have spent over 2,000 hours ministering in the prisons, and I have seen men released only to return six months later. I have also met other released inmates at the work place years after they did their time. Without doubt, the thing that most determines whether or not a man will make it in the outside world or be recycled through the system again and again is whether or not he is lazy. The hard worker gets a job and stays busy with no time to hang out and idle away at home or on the street. He has self-respect, a vision, and goals, and he is happy succeeding. The lazy man is self-loathing and bored, seeking meaning in things that will land him back in prison. Furthermore, a hard worker is admired and liked, whereas a lazy man is scorned and despised by his peers. There is no such thing as a successful lazy man.

In the last generation, we have become a society of lazy takers rather than a nation of entrepreneurs. It demands patience to teach a child to work. You must put aside your propensity to do it yourself, and allow your child to make a mess of working beside you. You have to see the child’s effort rather than the quality of the job.

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