Quoting Quiverfull: Depression is Demonic

Quoting Quiverfull: Depression is Demonic May 31, 2017

Found on Facebook on the Nerds With Vaginas page. THIS is a helpful type response from a loved one, one of many, that can help you know you're not alone.
Found on Facebook on the Nerds With Vaginas page. THIS is a helpful type response from a loved one, one of many, that can help you know you’re not alone.

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Make Sure Your Heart is Happy in God

Editor’s note: While Alexander does not come right out and say the words that she think depression is demonic she sure implies in by her words here. No helpful advice here either, nothing about seeking professional help, or even doing something as simple as getting a full physical to make sure there’s not something amiss in your health driving the depression. I know I’ve said this many times but my own husband suffered from depression for years, while people at our church kept saying the same shaming, blaming and dangerously untrue things Lori is spouting here, making him feel worse. Turned out he had a cancerous tumor on his parathyroid gland. One surgery and his depression fled.

No, it’s never healthy to deny your emotions. It’s not healthy to not seek out professional assistance. It’s not a demon, it’s not a weakness, lose of faith or lack of trusting God. It happens for a complex array of reasons that are not your fault! Lori thinks depressed people are somehow selfish. Her link in this piece leads to her YouTube video ordering people to stop being selfish and depressed. How unhelpful and lacking all of the love of Christ. Lori acts as though banishing depression is a simple as simply deciding not to be sad any longer. There will always be storms and seasons that may carry sadness for a while that isn’t chronic depression, to claim otherwise is as unhelpful as the rest of her rotten tripe.

If any depression, any sadness, is longer than brief, it starts to become your very dangerous enemy.

Many people don’t realize what a threat sadness it – and any danger which is unrecognized as a danger is all the more dangerous. There is no stigma against sadness. There is no embarrassment, no alarm, no rushing to the Lord to eliminate it.

And when a Christian is sad – whether she realizes it or not, her power is diminished and she’s vulnerable.

And a believer with sadness inside is the least able to resist any attack of Satan.

Depression is a sinister “fifth column” at work within the Christian community.

You watch a rejected congregation after a church split. As long as they’re sad, there will be little true worship, little evangelism; the people can’t focus away from themselves.

You watch an individual Christian who’s sad: She’s necessarily self-centered. As long as she’s sad she makes a poor marriage partner.

When we’re sad, we’re sick. We don’t function well. We don’t lift and encourage other believers, and we don’t appeal to unbelievers. Our spiritual strength and effectiveness are cut down.

No wonder the great George Mueller used to say, “It is my first business every morning to make sure that my heart is happy in God!”

Being happy is a choice and if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you have all the reason in the world to choose to be happy.

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