Part 21 Shackled Girl – For the Children, Love and an Epilogue

Part 21 Shackled Girl – For the Children, Love and an Epilogue May 30, 2017
Anna the comfort dog, soothing a child witness in the Ciboro trial. Screen shot: WTOL
Anna the comfort dog, soothing a child witness in the Ciboro trial. Screen shot: WTOL

by Propinqua

Editor’s note: There are hopeful signs that life will settle down for the three young victims of Timothy and Esten Ciboro. Although the men might appeal their convictions, they have been transferred to separate prisons to serve life sentences. The house in Toledo where the pair committed heinous acts will probably be demolished. The jury foreman called the pair “morons,” and their own attorney said they forgot the Golden Rule. Let’s all hope that the children continue to recover, and move on to live happy lives, free of fear. The following are notes of encouragement from NLQ readers.

You young people are so brave! You’ve survived abuse that would have broken many people, and you’re courageous enough to tell the truth in open court—speaking to the very people who abused you—calmly and honestly, shining a light on their crimes for all to see. Your lives will get better, and the courage you’ve shown will inspire others facing abuse to flee, speak up and get help. Best of luck in your future.


I’m so impressed by these kids’ strength. They survived a private hell, isolated from help and comfort. I’m so thankful that the older girl had the courage to flee when she had the chance and that they were all able to trust the court process. I hope they will find healing and comfort and that they will continue to use their voices as a force for good as they move forward in life.


I am so sorry for the abuse these children have gone through. They deserved a far better. May they get the help they need to heal. I admire their courage and honesty.

Mica Christian

Good on you for standing up for yourselves, it didn’t sound easy.


You three are all so very brave, and you should all be very proud of yourselves.


I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with the stuff you kids have had to deal with when I was your age. But I will say this much: you guys have got some clear heads on your shoulders. You see situations for what they are and not for what you might wish them to be. I wish I’d been that lucid when I was between nine and fourteen years old. (Confession time: I wasn’t.)


I know that being in court is a hard thing to do, but you are strong, you are brave, and there are so many people with you in spirit! You are survivors!


It’s amazing how collected and consistent you kids are, considering what you’ve been through. I admire that. Good work. Good job.


You are all being so brave! Know that there are thousands of people that are proud of you for surviving and for standing up for yourself in court. I know this is overwhelming now, but you have done such a great job!

Carra McLelland

I hope life gets better for you from now on.


And a note to the children from Propinqua:

Your story has stayed in my thoughts every day since I read the first news story about it. At times it has been hard for me to do the research and writing, because I felt so much pain and helplessness for you. It even took me several months to compile these notes to you from NLQ readers. (I had hardships of my own.)

Here’s what will remain with me: your strength, your human spirit, your simple ability to speak the truth when it most needed to be spoken. I hope you never have to summon that strength again. I hope you can just go on to live the lives you want to live, finding your own way, forging your own beliefs, giving and receiving love.

Many, many people care about you, including people you will never meet. Even though some people first heard about you through your hardship, the power of your story does not come from the harm that was inflicted on you. The power of your story started with the human yearning for children to live in happiness and safety. The power of your story later grew from your display of resilience. You have no duty to be happy for other people’s sakes; we just want you to be free.

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