Von Ohlman Closes ‘Let Them Marry’

Von Ohlman Closes ‘Let Them Marry’ September 6, 2017

VonThis afternoon as I was traveling around Guanacaste, Costa Rica I spotted this sign outside a Chinese restaurant off Ruta 1 in Cañas right across the street from the bull fighting ring and it led me to wonder what happened to Quiverfull’s promoter of early marriage and author of a creepy and hilarious manual on marrying off your teens titled ‘What Are You Doing’.

Von has been radio-silent since his apple memes, mocking on The Young Turks show and exposure of his attempts to hold a conference on how to marry off your young teens. He disappeared right after Vyckie Garrison, Cindy Kunsman and myself got the word out about his ‘ministry’ and disturbing focus on imagining the wedding nights of nubile full-breasted teen girls.

I got home just in time to see that Vaughn has shuttered his website ‘Let Them Marry’ with this posting..

“Moving On

The modern christian church is under dramatic attack, particularly in the area of marriage. One way that this has expressed itself is in a lack of marriages themselves. Our ministry was created to address this lack.

However over the last couple of years we have tried to restart this site, but everyone of us has been too busy. In addition we have become convinced that an online ministry might not be best for the kind of ministry that is needed.

So we are shutting down this website and moving on to other areas of ministry. We hope and pray that God will continue to use us in ‘offline’ ministry.”

So he’s moving his ministry ‘off line’ just like a cockroach hiding when you flip on the lights and expose them to scrutiny. Too bad for him the Internet archives of the Way Back Machine still has plenty of snapshots of his original marrying kids off website that anyone can Google up and access. He also forgot to erase his pinterest account of his erased blog The Practical Theonomist. The Internet does not forget, Von…

Meanwhile his eldest son Joshua was married to Laura Camp and now they live in an RV while poor under-educated almost teen mom Laura is apparently an unlicensed Doula in Texas.

Here’s a question. How do you think Von will promote his young marriage theology now without the internet?

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