Divorce Leaves You Bitter and Friendless?

Divorce Leaves You Bitter and Friendless? January 28, 2018


This isn’t your usual No Greater Joy Michael or Debi Pearl question answered. This is one of those possibly fake articles written and tailored to push whatever point the Pearls are trying to advance. This one is a doozy, about a twice divorced lady claiming that she turned so bitter and unpleasant no one would be around her, family and friends stopping having any interactions with her. The article is called ‘Better Late Than Never’

After a divorce I think it’s pretty normal to have some negative emotions, not all demonic and evil, unlike in Pearl world. Those that love you are going to allow you to experience your emotions at least for a little while instead of disappearing in huff. Those are not your friends.

But if you look closely you will see this piece is labeled as authored by ‘Debi Pearl and Friends’ which means the entire thing is a flipping lie written to push Debi’s no divorce agenda and no negative emotions ever allowed. If I hadn’t have finally read the fine print about the author I would have been as clueless as anyone else that stumbles over the Pearl’s fake letters.


Let’s unpack Debi’s worst nightmare – being without a husband.  So far she’s blamed the wife for not being submissive enough, and tried to shame this fictional woman for having negative feelings, for being angry at being abandoned and wanting to financially punish him. All of those sound like possibly normal reactions that the wife is having, not indicators of sin or bitterness.


Another falsehood. Most of the time when marriages break up you might divide up the friends, his ad hers, based upon who was originally the primary friend. But…..anyone that would turn their back on a friend merely because the friend has hit a rough patch in their lives is no sort of a friend at all. You are better off without that particular negativity in your life. She goes on to talk about her children completely shunning her too. Again, something unlikely, unless perhaps you’ve been very abusive towards that child in the past.

Debi6Oh I call fibber on this one. Being offended that people aren’t showing the concern the way this fake lady thinks should happen seems pretty unlike. I guess it could happen, but from what I’ve observed many people are preoccupied enough navigating their new reality that noticing, much less being offended by what others don’t do is so unlikely.

She follows with some harsh words from a church lady and others accusing her of selfishness. She’s convicted, but of course she would be because the world of the Pearls involves people being incredibly arrogant and insensitive to others to verbally beat them back onto the straight and narrow path. Adding a huge dollop of creating guilt in this lady.

Debi7NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friendship and love are not earned!


If all your relationships are transactional-based you need more help than Debi Pearl. There are so many different factors that go into healthy relationships and ‘what can he/she do for me?’ is not a healthy one. Humans are so much more complex than this view of Debi’s!

In the unquoted bits Debi/Fictional Woman proclaim that she immediately healed her negative emotions and warped personality by volunteering at a senior citizen center and by befriending a struggling single mom. Yes, while helping others is great, and it can give you a mental and emotional boost it’s not the instant cure all that Debi makes it here.

Debi8So now there is another unmentioned divorce? Debi really needs an editor and to keep track of her claims. It feels like she just cobbled this paragraph on from a completely different piece of writing. Poverty claims now. I’m surprised that Debi Pearl did not go for the fear monger-y threat she’s used in her books – living in the duplex with lesbians. Sometimes living in an apartment or room, in peace, under your own control and away from an abusive spouse is worth more than a fine house.

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