Your Emotions Lie to You, Silly Woman?

Your Emotions Lie to You, Silly Woman? January 27, 2018

Lori Alexanders Brain

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has yet again written on one of the most dangerous, disingenuous and extra-Biblical clobber subjects that Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and Quiverfull use to control and silence women – the deny your feelings lie. This is the lie that encourages to ignore the healthy warning signs your body is trying to issue in favor of shutting down, not thinking and mindlessly following the leader, taking you into places you have no business straying.

There is just so much bad and wrong here to unpack in Lori’s latest. She apparently is still miffed over the television show ‘This is Us”.  I don’t watch it, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate it is a hotbed of sin that will somehow corrupt a person into committing various sins. Can anyone who watches the show tell me what’s so awful about it that Lori has had to mention it more than once on her blog?

Lori36Lori then goes on to say that believers must ignore emotions and double down on Bible study only. She even disses women who claim to hear directly from God. I guess Lori does not realize she herself just said the same thing about her getting a direct, personal, communication from God. I guess since she claims this only happens during Bible reading that makes it okay.


False teachers? Easily led? Sounds like the type of community Lori finds herself in more than anything outside of the walls of Quiverfull. Recently Lori had to write a post explaining how to disagree in her chatroom without being ‘harsh’.  The blind leading the equally sight impaired.

Denying your own feelings and emotions leads to a lack of mental health. Think of it this way, say you have a system of water pipes, a grid, and you started shutting them off, diverting the flow into one pipe or two. Eventually the pressure will become too much and you’re going to have a catastrophic failure. It’s the same thing in denial of emotions, feelings and your heart. You might go along fine for awhile, but eventually because you cannot release the pressure in a healthy way it’s going to bottle up and take down everything in its path.

The Bible seems to mention showing your emotions more than denying them. Even Jesus was show to have emotions, happy and sad. Jesus wept.

Why do you think Lori Alexander hates entertainment, movies, books and television so much? I don’t know about you but I am finding that entertainment, adding in music since Lori skipped it, has had a profound and deep  transformative power in my healing journey, from the serious to the sublime. I was talking to Heather Doney (Becoming Worldly) the other night about how comforting watching NBC’s “Law and Order: SVU” has been to watch because the squad gets justice, takes down predators and comforts the victims. Even dumb comedies can gave an effect, even if it’s just making you laugh and relax. We live in a complex difficult world and I’d hate to forbid anything that makes life more tolerable and less stressful, that could lead to healing.

What entertainment has played a role in your recovery?

For me I’ve listened endlessly to U2’s album “Songs of Innocence” and in particular to the song “Every Breaking Wave” because the lyrics remind me of my breaking away from the image of God taught to me in my old church. An ending relationship. There have been other songs, artists and other media that have helped along the journey too.

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