Doug Wilson Fretting Over Marriage and Misspelling German Words

Doug Wilson Fretting Over Marriage and Misspelling German Words January 15, 2018


Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog is so busy mixing up his own word salad yet again that he’s tackled that worn-out old Evangelical Christians – Defining marriage as one man and one woman, or one child-molester man and one young teen girl. As long as it’s penis matched to vagina and Doug can throw out some unusual words writing it’s all good in his strange little corner of Idaho.

Wilson grabbed my attention quickly with his spewing of those big unknown words early in this piece, but it was his mangling of German that clinched it and make me laugh:
Doug11 He uses odd phrases and words and he hopes he’s making himself clear? About as clear as a muddy stream. It’s pretty clear that every time he uses unusual words he’s attempting to show off how smart he is. Even a parrot can be taught to spew out big words that he doesn’t understand so this is no indicator as to the intellect of the spewer.  If you really wanted to reach the masses and teach you’d learn to use more common words and take a few classes on writing.

What makes this even more deliciously ironic is that Wilson uses the words ‘Mox Nix’, bungling, doing an American bastardization of a German phrase ‘Means nothing’ or ‘It matters not’. Mr. Wilson does not know that to be absolutely correct it should be ‘macht nichts’ He just sounds like a hillbilly Gomer Pyle-alike when he spouts this semi-gibberish. Well, gah-lee Sargent!

Here’s Doug trying to claim that unbelievers sue believers very commonly when they attempt to force their religion on the non-religious. Does he not understand that our country was founded on the idea of religious freedom, meaning we’re free from being forced to suffer under his drivel?

Doug goes on to say that God invented sex, it was only to be between a man and a woman and he and his ilk should have the freedom to shame the way anyone else plays in the bedroom.

Then he goes on to prove his own mind strays into those places I would venture to say most adults not identifying as Evangelical Christians rarely think about. The only times I hear the word ‘bestiality’ shouted it’s some Good Christian Patriarch or on a television show about sex offenders. Why is that?

Doug12So the man that married off a sex offender to a teenager is suddenly worried about the rape of children. I have to say I might have to steal his phrase ‘We can hump the world if we want’ as it’s pretty funny, not in the way he intended I’m sure.

Yes, those this is Wilson’s latest diatribe against gay marriage.

I’m still left with the question of what exactly is digital sex, and why are good patriarchs so obsessed with sex?

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