Duggar Relatives Hosting No Greater Joy’s Child-Beating Duo Debi and Michael Pearl

Duggar Relatives Hosting No Greater Joy’s Child-Beating Duo Debi and Michael Pearl January 30, 2018

There are those rabid Duggar supporters on online that refuse to accept that TLC’s Duggar family might practice any harmful theology, But those of us who have been involved in the Quiverfull world for ages know this is just not so. In the early days of the TLC specials Michelle Duggar exhibited and explained blanket training for the camera. The book by the Pearls that advocates beating a child with a length of plastic plumbing line until you break their spirits has been spotted in some of the early specials – To Train Up A Child.

But, very gradually all mention of the Pearl’s methods of visiting physical violence on children as young as four months old has disappeared from all Duggar-centric programming as the general public voiced their disapproval. They’ve gone out of their way to distance themselves from the Pearls.

For good reason. Over the last ten years there have been some high profile deaths of children in homes using “To Train Up A Child”. The Pearls claim those all took place in families incorrectly using their discipline methods. I would not be surprised if it comes out that California’s Turpin family has a well-worn copy of TTUAC on their bookshelf.

While the Duggars themselves have tried to distance themselves from the beat ’em with plumbing line crew one of the Duggar relatives is hosting Debi and Michael very soon for a conference on training children.  Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth’s in-laws own and operate a campground that employs both of the newlyweds and they are also hosting the Pearls. No mention is made at their site about the controversial stances held and taught by the Pearls.

Many online groups have been calling for the boycott of the Pearls books and  now some are calling to add the Forsyths camp grounds, Fort Rock, to that boycott. This is what some have said:

Duggars2All true.

I’m not sure calling for a boycott will do any good because those that would attend this conference in the first place are likely already on board with making their children behave by using the same extreme isolation of the Pearls followed with lashings with plastic plumbing line. It might be a better tactic to keep speaking out to the world that hitting a child for any reason is an unacceptable criminal act.

It takes a sociopath to promote harming children.

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