It’s Not Enough to Smile, You Must Now Walk Joyfully?

It’s Not Enough to Smile, You Must Now Walk Joyfully? January 31, 2018

A screencap from the movie ‘Tommy’ of Tina Turning trying unconvincingly to fake a smile.

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies tends to wander into some strange theological places with her ‘Never Think, Be Happy’ demands. This morning I ran across her saying that you must not only be super cheerful in you speech and countenance too. It’s not enough that you smile at everyone and say nice things, now you have to clomp around joyfully. I guess at least she’s not insisting on giggling and skipping.


Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, if it’s upon arising before coffee you’ll be lucky if I manage to grunt. Sorry, but there’s nowhere in the Bible that orders you to traipse about grinning before coffee. Jesus isn’t going to send you on a slip n’ slide down to hell if you’re not grinning like Cheshire cat.


Of all the bad messages that Nancy Campbell loves to impart this particular message of the appearance of constant joy is one of the worst. Own your own emotions freely. That does not mean walking around weeping or snarling, but it’s must more emotionally healthy to acknowledge your feelings, deal with them and move along.

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