Lori Alexander Approves of White Supremacy?

Lori Alexander Approves of White Supremacy? July 31, 2018

This totally flew over my head. I missed it until the Facebook group The Transformed WIFE 2.0 pointed out that one of the recent borrowed and quoted posts Lori used is by someone with clear ties to white supremacy and racist groups. Let me repeat that, alt right and white nationalist beliefs. Does Lori Alexander approve of white supremacy?

Several days ago Lori quoted a man on how all us other liberal Christians have turned Jesus into some sort of laissez faire anything goes hippie Jesus. He was responding to the piles of people who took exception with Lori Alexander’s recent shaming and blaming articles on how only debt free, uneducated, untattooed virgins deserve decent husbands.

To quote a pastor I heard yesterday – “Like whoa, dude! Jesus preached all the peace, love and understanding that the hippies did…” Seems from the very words of Jesus he isn’t at all like the white guy people like this guy thinks.

She might, if she’s quoting this guy, Ian T.D. Wilson, in full knowledge of his many racist statements. Here’s one that I screen capped from TTW2.0 Facebook page:

I am willing to give Lori Alexander a little bit of the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know this guy is a tiki-torching mullet-head that thinks he should be on top of the food chain merely because of his gene pool lottery. We know Lori is naive about a lot of things, and is extremely self-focused. Bet she didn’t read his horrible website beyond his defense of her. His racism is mostly hidden on his website, but he has been open about it in other spheres.

He is a buddy of Dalrock’s, which should tell you what you need to know. Very likely.

….and the problem continues on. TTW2.0 also posted a screen cap of a comment on Lori’s Facebook page that one of her readers responded to in the worst way possible.

At least all of the reactions underneath were either horrified, sad or angry, but we cannot be sure these are Lori fans.

So what do you think the odds are that Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is geniunely racist? Is she merely ignorant of who and what she quoted, or is she a fully onboard alt righter like Ayla Stewart?


Nearly posted this weekend about Lori and her response to a commenter on her site The Transformed Wife. Someone pointed out that Jesus covers all sins, even sexual sins and tattoos and Lori reacted badly. She seems to be saying that just because Jesus forgives that Christians get to keep on judging others for their behavior before they came to the Lord. Most extra Biblical isn’t it? Even worse, the men folks posting right after this person decided to double down on Lori’s claims that no decent man wants an educated tattooed women. She is just bringing out the entire basket of very deplorable and hate-filled people.

No words…

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