The Pearls – A Good Example in the Differences Between the Sexes in Health Care

The Pearls – A Good Example in the Differences Between the Sexes in Health Care July 30, 2018
One of the many dangerous bits of quakery left to women and children as their primary source of healthcare in Quiverfull.

I stumbled across a recent article at Michael and Debi Pearl’s No Greater Joy website published just a few days ago. It spoke of the unknown recent happenings with the Pearls and why things have seemed off there for quite a while. Apparently Michael Pearl has had a stroke, several strokes.

Debi used the news as an opportunity to first promote her silly article not much rooted in legitimate science – Brain Grooving. Then she went on to describe the medical treatments that Michael received in the wake of his strokes.  I was expecting things like taking steps to lower cholestoral, or blood thinners, tests, changes in diet and lifestyle. Nope, Michael had stem cell replacement. I wasn’t even aware they did that for strokes, just for cancer and certain immunio illnesses.

Read the rest of the article quickly, and could not help but contrast the difference in the healthcare sought and received between Debi and Michael. We all know that Quiverfull does not value women or children like they do the men. Remember back a few years when Debi was having some pretty extreme issues with her back? Do you remember what happened? Debi had to beg and fundraise to receive the money she needed for corrective surgery. This took months, months in which she suffered in pain without full use for her back.

Knowing this how long do you think it took Michael to get the care he needed? He waited no time at all, getting hospitalization quickly after the strokes and MRIs before getting that very rare stem cell replacement treatment. His strokes happened in the Spring and we’re now halfway across summer. Very quickly.

The most important part of Debi’s long huge block of text. She never misses an opportunity to take a swipe at anyone drinking diet cokes or sugary snacks.

While it’s good that Michael is improving, at least for those who love him, I’m aghast yet again at the contrast between how women and men’s healthcare varies so greatly in Quiverfull. Sick wife? Just use unproven or dangerous methods like Black Salve and hope for the best, or take months to beg for the money for surgery. Sick man? Get the finest in healthcare immediately even if you have to borrow the funds from family members to make that happen.

And it’s not just even that women delay treatment. This mindset pushes them right into the kinds of dangerous toxic treatments by those that prey on the ignorant. Patheo’s author David C McAfee of No Sacred Cows recently wrote about the problem of those put their trust in folk medicine instead of science and doctors in a piece titled Woman Dies After Trust Black Salve Fake Cancer Cure.

So many times in Quiverfull we’ve seen women trusting in herbs, or some strange dietary plan or homemade medicines for things that can be cured simply by traditional medicine. This problem seems to be on the rise if some of the posts at the Facebook group that tracks these treatments is anything to go by.

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