Does Modli Know They Have Rewarded a Possible White Supremist?

Does Modli Know They Have Rewarded a Possible White Supremist? August 14, 2018

This is what I wear to the beach, over my swimwear. More modest than some swimsuits yet I care nothing for modest, only for the comfort of my body and myself.

Yesterday morning Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife wrote a post on how she does not have advertising on her blog, but that she has mentioned and linked to the modest clothing company Modli so often that they contacted her to award her a free swimsuit. Do they even understand what it is that Lori pushes on her blog? Do they know about the blaming, shaming, and more recently, the links to people in the Alt Right White Supremacy sphere?

One of the first things I did was reach out of Modli. I remailed the company with links to the times Lori Alexander has shared the words and comments of people well known in the world of Alt Right and white supremacy circles. I’ve heard nothing back, but I have to assume they known nothing of Lori Alexander to support her like that.

Lori used her freebie as a jumping off spot to go after women who wear thongs again on her beach in Carlsbad, California. This is restrained compared to the usual vile words she posts about thong clad women, and this time she was not threatening to paddle their exposed rear ends.

A truly modest and Godly woman would not constantly be trying to call out that one swimsuit style that they cannot stand. I suspect Lori is at least slightly restrained in her distain and hatred with the occasional threat of violence because she’s linked to Modli in this post. Usually she adds in a good dose of shaming.

Modli, please stop rewarding people who aren’t very nice with freebies. It’s no way to run a business. You need to do more research into the types of usual posts Lori Alexander puts up before you do.

There are lots of us out here who do wear more modest swimwear, but have no desire to be affliated with any company that approves of hatred in any form.

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