Zsuzsanna Anderson – Christian Persecution Complex and Martyrbating

Zsuzsanna Anderson – Christian Persecution Complex and Martyrbating April 3, 2019

Steven Anderson and his ‘barefoot’ jogging through the desert. Watch out for the scorpions!

I was amused to find this today on Zsuzsanna Anderson’s ministry Facebook page – Are They All Yours? You know Zsu, she’s married to the aptly nicknamed pissing pastor Steven Anderson. Anderson has gained national fame by claiming that America needs to execute all the gays before Christmas so that AIDS will be wiped out. He rushes around calling pastors wearing skinny jeans and polka dot shirts ‘Gay’ and makes all sorts of outrageous statements that run counter to the teachings of Christ.

One thing that I have wondered about lately with these two is the lack of posts. The majority of the posts on both blogs go back before Christmas of 2018. One wonders why.

Back in January I did a series of posts here at No Longer Quivering about various happenings in the Anderson family, the engagement of their teenage son, his future in laws involvement with a film with a rather filthy title, the Anderson’s ongoing mold problems, various other things culminating in the news of Anderson having to remove another pastor from the pulpit for bad behavior. This was all followed with drama between different pastors that are all part of his New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist cult.

Good times. Lots of crazy comments from his followers here at No Longer Quivering.

Here’s what Zsuzsanna said today about their radio silence since then:

Cries of martyrbating. I am sorry Zsu is upset, but she did bring this on herself.  See, here’s the thing that Zsuzsanna, Steven, Lori Alexander and countless others in Quiverfull just do not understand. If you are going to push and promote yourself in public as the person with it all together, the man with the plan, the wife with the knife. Ooops, wrong program. Anyway, if you are out shamelessly hawking your cookbooks, swimsuits, or life style as the one and only true righteous way online there will always, and I mean ALWAYS, be someone out there to remind you that you’re not.

Oh I remember that time Steven Anderson wrote out what sounded like a fictional tale of modern martyrbating involving CPS and the cops.  I’ll take things that did not happen quite like for five thousand, Alex. Sometimes those in these types of high demand religious groups make up these wild stories with the aim of feeling justified with whatever ridiculous thing they are promoting as God at that moment. Sort of a stupid parable of paranoia. Like the time Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy said she vaccinated her baby and saw the demon of death hovering over his crib. As if!

Everyone online gets some sort of pushback and it rarely really has anything to do with you.

This is normally where I might insert a gif of Sponge Bob making ‘blah, blah, blah’ motions with his hands if we were on Facebook. Or better yet this video I shared at Jerks 4 Jesus.

This is one of those things that happens in Evangelical Quiverfull. Any non-agreement is framed as mean hateful bitter jealous haters instead of just people disagreeing. It becomes Christian Persecution, and you have Lori Alexander deleting all comments disagreeing with her, and her husband Ken pointing out to the many women he talks to that he will not intervene because that one person gave her book a negative rating.

You know what the real solution to is all this invented martyrdumb, and it is dumb? Turn off the computer, and go outside, smell the flowers, breath the fresh air and know it’s not some vast atheistic conspiracy. Maybe you really just are a judgemental mean jerk and people are responding to that. Hey, it’s just the internet!

Remember! Only you are responsible to how you respond to others, both good and bad. It’s not some vast plot by evil doers to make you lose it.

If you’re an Anderson supporter or you like Lori Alexander well bully for you, but our comments are not the place for fighting. Please read our comment policy before flouncing around with dirty words.

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