Solomon Anderson’s Future In Laws Did a Film Titled ‘Shit Filled Cupcakes’?

Solomon Anderson’s Future In Laws Did a Film Titled ‘Shit Filled Cupcakes’? January 19, 2019

Screen cap from Solomon Anderson’s video. He’s proudly upholding his father’s hateful ways.

Normally I do not like picking on minor children of anyone, not the Duggars, the Turpins, the Rodrigueses, no one. But something has emerged over the last few days that we must talk about involving Steven Anderson’s son Solomon’s potential in laws. I keep seeing on Free Jinger and other sites that his in laws to be apparently starred in a movie that might have been porn. The title of the film was “Shit Filled Cupcakes.”

Here’s a short review of the film from someone named ‘Gonzoriffic’

It does not read in the review like it’s a pornographic movie so much as a indie film shocker ala John Waters early films like ‘Pink Flamingos’.  Without seeing the film it is impossible to know. I have seen the list of keywords for the original site and all the keywords read like those on pornographic sites. No entry at the IMDB either that I could find, making it more likely to be porn.Whatever it is it has mostly been scrubbed from the internet, only existing a few places like the Wayback Machine.

Good catch Free Jingerites! Anderson’s fans have already started to grumble about this, claiming that it is an attempt to besmirch Shasta and Sean Fairchild, parents of Solomon’s fiancee, and by default pastor Anderson. They are claiming this is all made up by ‘Reprobates’. I don’t think so, I think this is real.

Since the filming of ‘Shit Filled Cupcakes’ the Fairchilds have apparently become fundamentalist Christians, so it’s not unlikely or unheard of to have at least a few skeletons in those closets (except for the one Steven hides in.) Everyone has secrets, this is theirs apparently. Makes me thankful my worst one is that I allowed my drivers license to lapse for two months, not did porn. Most peoples secrets aren’t this huge either.

Will it make any difference in the nuptials? Unlikely since Anderson and friends will claim it either didn’t happen, or happened so far in the past as to not matter at all. I don’t find this surprising at all.

What is fascinating about this is the fact that the Fairchilds did such a 180 degree turnabout to join Steven’s church cult. How do you go from porn and/or indie film to a cult that only follows the King James Version of the Bible.

Steven Anderson is still childishly embroiled in his feud with Adam Fannin of Stedfast Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. So embroiled that his own Facebook feed is a sea of childish churlish memes devoted to Fannin. Anything Fannin says or does have to be considered the high road to Anderson’s middle school antics.

Here’s Solomon in a video exhibiting that he is very much like his father:


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