Steven Anderson – Snakes Aren’t the Only Thing Driven From Ireland

Steven Anderson – Snakes Aren’t the Only Thing Driven From Ireland May 16, 2019

Last week it was announced that head of the New IFB and pastor at Faithful Word Baptist Church Steven Anderson has been banned from Ireland. This is literally the first time anyone has been officially banned from the Emerald Isle. First person ever.  Driven out like Saint Patrick supposedly removed the snakes from Ireland.

But this is not Anderson’s first time being banned from a country. He’s been banned from entering South Africa, Great Britain, Scotland, Malawi, Canada, the Netherlands and Botswana.

Steven had a copy of the letter banning him from the Netherlands up at his website. The Netherlands banning is more crucial that his other bans because it blocks him from entering any other country that is part of the European Union. That’s a lot of countries he can no longer go on ‘soul winning’ missions in.

That’s a pretty radical step, the government of a country blacklisting him. What for, I hear you say, an entire laundry list of offenses. From the RationalWiki entry on Anderson with further explanations from NLQ:

  • Bullying people for the way they look, think, and act by making judgments about their sexuality.
  • Making false accusations about someone. He has done this many times with many different pastors. Remember his recent accusations against Adam Fannin, the guy he calls the Polka Dot Pastor and Jeff Durbin? These are only a few of the folks that Anderson has seemingly slandered or libeled in his quest to root out homosexuality and other sins.
  • Forcing a sexuality on someone for arbitrary reasons (calling someone a homosexual because they’re a celebrity, appeal to women and teen girls, or “look effeminate”). Steven loves to blame trendy styles, skinny jeans, polka dots, wearing shoes while running and all sorts of weird things as gay.
  • Praying for death onto others. Back during the Obama administration Anderson prayed and spoke about his believe that President Obama should die. He prays for the deaths of anyone of a different sexuality than his.
  • Using childish derogatory terms like “libtard”, “faggot”, “queer”, “sissy”, “retard” and “homo” to describe people, including other pastors and president Obama and claims it as “Biblical language”. If there is a demeaning name for a people group Anderson has shown himself not shy about using those names.
  • Generalizing people because of a minority. “All actors are sodomite faggots” and “People who don’t like me are homos”. This applies most strongly to anyone that does not live exactly like Anderson does.
  • Attacking other preachers because they don’t preach against homosexuality, abortion or other religions. He does not confine his attacks on pastors to mere preaching. Anderson also likes to speculate on the sexuality of other pastors based on the way they dress and other minor things.
  • Attacking other peoples’ religions. He is a Holocaust denier and has openly mocked Catholicism and many other mainstream religions from the pulpit. Most of which can be viewed on his YouTube channel.
  • Attacking other Christian fundamentalists (Ray Comfort, Jack Chick) for not believing exactly like he does. Anyone whose theology does  not line up 100% with his own is a target for his scorn.
  • Mocking people with disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome. He and his wife Zsuzsanna do not believe in vaccinations or most routine medical treatmeants, mocking “Big Pharma” or a government scheme to control people.
    • Or believing that those disabilities are just a pharmaceutical hoax and that they “just need more beatings”.
  • Mocking anyone that disagrees with or questions him. This includes violently threatening people and having them physically removed from his church for merely asking questions.
  • Mocking anyone he disagrees with. Again, he will invent things, or come up with a train of reasoning leaving those he dislikes into his demonizing them.
  • Circular reasoning He’s not educated or smart enough to actually be able to defend his positions beyond quoting the King James Bible and spewing insults.
  • Yelling at people to leave if they don’t agree with him or question him. See above.
  • Claiming that all actors that women “idolize” are “sodomite faggots” who “don’t even like women” such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves (claims that he acted in “sodomite porn”, but of course has no proof of this), Justin Bieber (who is actually a singer, not an actor), Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. He acts like a jealous 14 year old boy who is somehow threatened by popular celebrities.
  • Basically hates all celebrities and mocks any that die such as Prince and George Michael. Steven loves to use dead celebrities to make claims about them being in hell, or having been pedophiles.
  • Tricked Holocaust survivors into appearing in a self produced film denying that the Holocaust happened at all.
  • Churning out films based on simplistic and false conspiracy theories too crackpot even for Alex Jones.

Quite the list. How is it that he’s not been picked up on a psych hold for a few weeks with this list of dysfunction? There is a lot more that Anderson has done but this seems to be the apex of his evil.

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  • Jennny

    I wrote this on another blog. Stevie did a rant about the tragic deaths in Sri Lanka. He railed against Obama and Hillary because they referred to the victims as ‘Easter worshippers’ and not ‘Christians’ as he wanted. But, but, Stevie, they were massacred in Roman Catholic your enemy I thought. A number lost their lives in a smart hotel whilst enjoying a special Easter breakfast with chocolate eggs and bunnies. I was surprised the rant didn’t say they got what they deserved because they weren’t in church, in his special little cult of a church on Easter Sunday.

    Oh, and to be pedantic, I live in a celtic country, rich in myths and legends, and Paddy driving out snakes is undoubtedly a legend, not written down till many centuries later..naturalists are pretty sure there were none there and we only have 2 sorts in the Uk anyway, harmless grass snakes and adders, which, though poisonous are shy and few in number! But celts love stories they know come from their rich oral tradition and don’t care how much they’ve been embellished or changed in the telling! Bit like how the bible came to be written really, random events recorded decades or centuries on.

  • Saraquill

    Any chance he’ll get introspective and entertain the idea he’s a false prophet?

  • SAO

    “He’s not educated or smart enough to actually be able to defend his positions beyond quoting the King James Bible and spewing insults.” Some positions are indefensible, which is why no one who is intelligent holds them and no one can make intelligent or educated arguments defending them.

  • Tawreos

    He needs to be shown that the King James that gave him his favorite version of the bible was, at best, bisexual, but was most likely homosexual. Maybe that would blow his little mind and give the rest of us some peace for a while.

  • paganheart

    Don’t forget his sermons and videos in which he openly calls for the execution of LGBTQ people; the most disturbing video of Anderson I ever saw was the one he put out after the Pulse Nightclub massacre, in which he was just giddy over all the “sodomites” who were now burning in hell, according to him. Hate speech, pure and simple, and many other countries have laws regulating and limiting hate speech, because they recognize that speech like Anderson’s can and does lead to violence against marginalized groups. That’s why he’s been banned in many places.

    As to why he hasn’t been committed to a mental health facility, well, speaking as a person who unfortunately shares a state with Anderson (AZ) our mental health system absolutely stinks. You can’t even get an order to commit an adult for a 72-hour psychiatric hold unless you can prove to a judge that the person is “a threat” to themselves or others, and “prove a threat” basically means “they tried to kill themselves, or someone else.” That’s why I fear that something really, really awful is going to happen in Anderson’s household or (small) congregation before this guy is finally taken off the streets.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    King James was also someone with a drinking problem. I am reminded by the way they all worship Trump that the King James who really was a drunken homosexual has their extreme approval. Historians say that the KJV is the least accurate translation of all the Bibles.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Yeah, I knew it was a legend. But a fitting one with driving out Steven.

  • otrame

    He wouldn’t believe it if you took him back in time and let him watch James doing it with his male lover. Things that don’t match his world view do not exist.

  • Brian Curtis

    Naturally, Anderson and his fans are taking a perverse pride in this banning, as if it’s proof that he’s right. Which is an odd attitude for someone who says his whole purpose is to deliver a message to people and persuade them to his way of thinking. It’s almost like he’s more interested in being a troll, huh?

  • Brian Curtis

    If he were capable of self-reflection and admission of error, he wouldn’t be the manling he is today.

  • Tawreos

    How is that even possible? It’s in ye olde English, which was what Jesus spoke isn’t it. So it has to be 110% accurate.=)

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    Keanu Reeves was in “sodomite porn”? I would pay good money to see that.

  • bekabot

    Reeves plays a male-porn pinup in My Own Private Idaho, which is a pretty good movie. It’s like a late-twentieth-century remake of Henry IV Part I in which Poins is the main character. Worth watching.

  • Lisa Cybergirl

    Oh yes, a favorite of mine! I guess to him it’s porn?

  • bekabot

    Well, it doesn’t look ‘artistic’, so I suppose so.

  • Mel

    No, because that would be psychologically devastating to him. It’s the same reason that the Botkin Sisters honestly believe that Cindy K’s blog has hurt their family’s businesses and romantic relationships; they believe the world revolves around them and assign way too much importance to their own actions.

  • AFo

    Of course he’s going to cry “persecution” and claim people don’t like him because he tells “hard truths,” but anyone can see what a dangerous asshole he is. I keep hoping that someone will get his kids away from him so they can have a chance at normality.

  • paganheart

    In Stevie’s world, anything that isn’t all about praising and worshipping Stevie’s Jesus 24-7-365 qualifies as “porn.”

  • Jennifer

    Shocking, cold-blooded hate of the purest sort. I think my own blood ran cold when I read about his reaction and I can’t imagine what actually hearing that carrion creature crow about it was like.

  • Debbie Rhoden

    Thank you for posting. This guy is tearing my family apart!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Oh my! How? Can you share a little with us? He is absolutely vile

  • Martin Penwald

    Just a technical note : the ban from Netherlands banned him not from European Union, which include Ireland, but only from the Schengen space, which doesn’t include Ireland. That’s why Ireland had to do the banning by itself.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Thanks for letting us know. I am confused if he was banned from England, Wales and Scotland why was Ireland not included.

  • Knitting Cat Lady

    He was banned from the Schengen area, which includes Norway and Switzerland, but not all of the EU.

    He was also banned from the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) some time ago.

    Now he was banned from the Republic of Ireland.

    And be careful lumping in the Republic of Ireland with the UK. That’s a rather thorny issue and likely to piss people off. With good reason, mind you.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Freely admit I don’t know much about the Ireland/England situation beyond the strife in the 1970s/80s between the two. Confusing.

  • Hannah

    It’s nice to see us (the UK) agreeing on something with the rest of Europe for a change! Brought a tear to my eye.

  • Hannah

    It’s still a sticky situation, Brexit is very likely to cause trouble at the border (being the only land border between us and the rest of the EU.) Northern Ireland is in a strange position, ruled be the DUP who are a bunch of fundie nutters (anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, etc.) A lot of British people don’t see the people of NI as British, which I don’t get, and they don’t really want them (I’m not sure if Ireland want them either, although this could end up with a reunified Ireland.) No one seemed to think off or care about this issue when it comes to Brexit. Even the Republic seems progressive compared the the North now, which is sad.

  • Ann Kah

    Meanwhile Ireland has announced that protests against Trump are not only permitted, they’re encouraged. They’ve marched into the twenty-first century. Why are Americans still dragging their feet?

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Wait, the Botkin sisters have romantic relationships to be hurt by Cindy K’s blog?! I thought they were still waiting around on their dad to find them husbands! 😛

  • Mel

    *cough, cough*

    I mean, the Botkin family….of which three sons are already married and four kids are not…..but there’s never that much hand-wringing around men getting married, is there?….. may have had romantic relationships derailed. If potential suitors googled the Botkins and went through about 30 pages of links.

    Of course, the fact that Geoffrey Botkin included a section on bride prices in an interview published in “So Much More” had no effect on future suitors. In fact, future suitors were attracted by the idea of handing three years of salary over to Geoffrey Botkin who promised that he would give it to his daughters as a dowry. Because…that’s what people want in a wife, right? A super-controlling future father-in-law who expects cash-on-hand in return for daughters whose sole income stream is one self-published book (“So Much More” was owned by VF…bad luck for Botkin) and a defunct blog.