Only Meek and Cheerful Women Get Husbands?

Only Meek and Cheerful Women Get Husbands? August 16, 2019

Another day ending with ‘day’ so you know what that means? It’s another day that The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander finds a way to twist scriptures into saying what they do not say. That women should have no say in anything, just be cheery dum-dums smiling thoughtlessly. Today alone Lori has put up another anti college meme claiming that college teaches women feminism, sex and drugs. Plus today’s blog post warns you’ll not get a husband if you are not meek and cheerful.

First her meme:

I guess I missed all the feminism, sex, and drinking because I was too busy, I don’t know, actually STUDYING? Here’s why this infuriates me. Lori Alexander is the child of privilege that has no recognition of her own status, yet thinks she knows best for everyone else based on her incomplete knowledge of a Bronze Age book. We covered the lies in this meme earlier in the week when Lori took a different attack on college. Lori repeats herself again. Lather, rinse, repeat ad infinitum.

Lori’s blog today was upset over this meme she says she keeps seeing on Christian sites. Funny, I’ve never seen this anywhere but Lori’s blog.

“Strong Single Women: If people tell you that guys are intimidated by you, don’t mind them. Cuz, you are not going to marry that kind of man, else you will crush him and emasculate him. The man you will marry won’t be intimidated by you, but love your strength, because he will also be strong and secure in himself and God.”

A lot of truth there, no matter what your religious beliefs are. Not everyone is going to ‘get’ you, understand you, or your journey, which is perfectly alright. Add in the very weak men unsure of their own masculinity we keep seeing popping up in Evangelicalism, who cannot handle a partner that may think differently than they on issues. Thankfully,  not everyone is the same and eventually you will meet someone who’s strengths and weaknesses fit well with your own.

I see nothing controversial there, except I am wondering if Lori reworded the meme with the words ‘crush and emasculate’ Not at all the type of language you usually see even in Christian memes. I then Googled this and it only comes up at Lori’s blog, no other place. Even the first three images that come up are all Lori’s own. So this is another one of Lori’s fictions to push her agenda. And what an agenda it is.

Invent something, lie about where you got it, and then add in your own conclusion, which is really what you wanted to talk about in the first place. Lying for Jesus yet again is so Godly.

The rest of the piece is just Lori reporting comments from her ridiculous chat room. Followed by her summation of her fake meme:

My opinion is that most men aren’t as intimidated by women as women think they are. The way to not intimidate men is to be kind, cheerful, and friendly. Secondly, our strength comes from the Lord and He asks that we have meek and quiet spirits. We aren’t strong in ourselves. We are only strong in Him. She never mentions this in her advice to young women. I don’t think this advice is going to help any young women find good and godly husbands.

She invents this ‘advice’ and then claims it’s not going to get gals husbands? Strongest case of confirmation bias I’ve seen in a long time.

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