Lori Alexander Uses Rachel Held Evans Death Again?

Lori Alexander Uses Rachel Held Evans Death Again? September 21, 2019

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Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife must be out of original ideas again. She’s circled around back to this spring’s death of Rachel Held Evans. How? She’s busy beating up on vaccinations, flu vaccinations and Tamiflu, blaming Tamiflu for Evan’s death instead of a reaction to antibiotics.

All this within days of her husband Ken having his issues with Lyme disease before ending up in ICU and, yeah, you got it, on those demon antibiotics. You would think after her own brain tumor and Ken’s problems maintaining a proper heartbeat rate she’d have at least a little gratitude for the healthcare system in this country instead of reverting back to her precious Black Salve and Elderberry syrup.

She must have gotten a hit count bounce when talking of Rachel, which is why she’s dragging up Rachel’s corpse yet again. Tacky and disrespectful as ever.

First Lori does her usual vaccines are pure evil poison nonsense:

Let’s see and count Lori’s lies and half-truths here.

  • Lie – Vaccines have been proven again and again to not have ‘toxic ingredients.’
  • Half-truth – Sometimes with the flu vaccine you might get the flu. Why? Because when it’s decided which strains of flu are to be in the flu shot it happens 18 months in advance and they are using best available data to forecast which strains to include. Sometimes they miss it. They don’t have a crystal ball to tell them which one it will be.
  • Half-truth – Lori’s story of her pharmacist neighbors is second hand hearsay that would never stand up in court.
  • Half-truth – Tamiflu may or may not cause seizures. EVERY drug, food, health food, supplement or anything can cause negative reactions and side effects. I myself cannot take Tamiflu because I hallucinate. I know people allergic to lavender oil, lemonade, elderberry syrup, cleaning supplies and a huge long laundry list of things.

But I know one thing, it’s irresponsible, salacious and tacky to speculate what caused the death of someone you do not know and you have no direct knowledge of what happened or am involved in any way.

Two interesting things going on here. Lori thinks she knows better than the doctors and nurses actually treating Rachel with full knowledge of her medical history, test results and other information that Lori cannot possible know. She’s being extremely irresponsible here trying to link Rachel’s death to Tamiflu.

Plus “Game of Thrones” is pornographic? How does Lori figure that? Because of the depictions of rape, consensual sexual encounters and frank nudity? I have seen every episode and have yet to see the kind of raw sex in “Game of Thrones” that you might find in Pornhub or pornography films.

There may be some weird sexual tension going on here, but it sure does not look pornographic from here.

Lori doubles down on her assertions that Tamiflu had a role in RHE’s death, before saying that getting the flu is no big thing because she takes Elderberry syrup and that stuff can supposedly cure anything. I guess if you’re not allergic to it then the syrup might at least make you feel like you’re doing something.

She makes it very clear that she hates medicines, and will not take them because of side effects. Side effects, or not, sometimes you have to take antibiotics and other drugs to live, like Ken and his tick borne illness. I’m going to reiterate again, every single thing in this world can cause bad reactions, it’s not just meds, but most of us will navigate the risks of their world successfully. They do what they need to do without making up arbitrary rules for others, or speculating on the death of a stranger.

One nice thing about Lori’s pile of detritus here. Her fans pushed back hard yesterday. Just a few reactions from her group:

…… and Lori has been deleting so many remarks calling her out for this.

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