Lori Alexander Uses Rachel Held Evans Death Again?

Lori Alexander Uses Rachel Held Evans Death Again? September 21, 2019
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Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife must be out of original ideas again. She’s circled around back to this spring’s death of Rachel Held Evans. How? She’s busy beating up on vaccinations, flu vaccinations and Tamiflu, blaming Tamiflu for Evan’s death instead of a reaction to antibiotics.

All this within days of her husband Ken having his issues with Lyme disease before ending up in ICU and, yeah, you got it, on those demon antibiotics. You would think after her own brain tumor and Ken’s problems maintaining a proper heartbeat rate she’d have at least a little gratitude for the healthcare system in this country instead of reverting back to her precious Black Salve and Elderberry syrup.

She must have gotten a hit count bounce when talking of Rachel, which is why she’s dragging up Rachel’s corpse yet again. Tacky and disrespectful as ever.

First Lori does her usual vaccines are pure evil poison nonsense:

Let’s see and count Lori’s lies and half-truths here.

  • Lie – Vaccines have been proven again and again to not have ‘toxic ingredients.’
  • Half-truth – Sometimes with the flu vaccine you might get the flu. Why? Because when it’s decided which strains of flu are to be in the flu shot it happens 18 months in advance and they are using best available data to forecast which strains to include. Sometimes they miss it. They don’t have a crystal ball to tell them which one it will be.
  • Half-truth – Lori’s story of her pharmacist neighbors is second hand hearsay that would never stand up in court.
  • Half-truth – Tamiflu may or may not cause seizures. EVERY drug, food, health food, supplement or anything can cause negative reactions and side effects. I myself cannot take Tamiflu because I hallucinate. I know people allergic to lavender oil, lemonade, elderberry syrup, cleaning supplies and a huge long laundry list of things.

But I know one thing, it’s irresponsible, salacious and tacky to speculate what caused the death of someone you do not know and you have no direct knowledge of what happened or am involved in any way.

Two interesting things going on here. Lori thinks she knows better than the doctors and nurses actually treating Rachel with full knowledge of her medical history, test results and other information that Lori cannot possible know. She’s being extremely irresponsible here trying to link Rachel’s death to Tamiflu.

Plus “Game of Thrones” is pornographic? How does Lori figure that? Because of the depictions of rape, consensual sexual encounters and frank nudity? I have seen every episode and have yet to see the kind of raw sex in “Game of Thrones” that you might find in Pornhub or pornography films.

There may be some weird sexual tension going on here, but it sure does not look pornographic from here.

Lori doubles down on her assertions that Tamiflu had a role in RHE’s death, before saying that getting the flu is no big thing because she takes Elderberry syrup and that stuff can supposedly cure anything. I guess if you’re not allergic to it then the syrup might at least make you feel like you’re doing something.

She makes it very clear that she hates medicines, and will not take them because of side effects. Side effects, or not, sometimes you have to take antibiotics and other drugs to live, like Ken and his tick borne illness. I’m going to reiterate again, every single thing in this world can cause bad reactions, it’s not just meds, but most of us will navigate the risks of their world successfully. They do what they need to do without making up arbitrary rules for others, or speculating on the death of a stranger.

One nice thing about Lori’s pile of detritus here. Her fans pushed back hard yesterday. Just a few reactions from her group:

…… and Lori has been deleting so many remarks calling her out for this.

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Suzanne Titkemeyer went from a childhood in Louisiana to a life lived in the shadow of Washington D.C. For many years she worked in the field of social work, from national licensure to working hands on in a children's residential treatment center. Suzanne has been involved with helping the plights of women and children' in religious bondage. She is a ordained Stephen's Minister with many years of counseling experience. Now she's retired to be a full time beach bum in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with the monkeys and iguanas. She is also a thalassophile. She also left behind years in a Quiverfull church and loves to chronicle the worst abuses of that particular theology. She has been happily married to her best friend for the last 33 years. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Saraquill

    Medicine is the devil unless Lori or Ken benefit.

  • Friend

    Emphasis mine:

    the World Health Organization points to three reasons men don’t live as long: the way men work (they endure greater “exposure to physical and chemical h@zards”), their willingness to take risks (thanks to “male norms of risk-taking and adventure”) and their discomfort with doctors (they’re “less likely to visit a doctor when they are ill and, when they see a doctor, are less likely to report on the symptoms of d1sease or illness”). … Coleman concludes that idealizing “high traditional masculinity” is a “r1sk factor,” especially for men who aren’t able to fulfill that ideal because of life circumstances such as illness, disability or the loss of a job.

    “Why the patriarchy is ki11ing men. Gender equality isn’t just good for women. It also saves men’s lives,” by Liz Plank: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/why-the-patriarchy-is-killing-men/2019/09/12/2490fa7e-d3ea-11e9-86ac-0f250cc91758_story.html

  • frostysnowman

    I tried some elderberry syrup at the beginning of this year when I had a cough that would NOT go away. It was recommended to me by someone who’s 50/50 into traditional and holistic medicine and I figured, why not? It turned out the cough was from a sinus infection, for which I needed antibiotics. That’s not to say I don’t believe elderberry syrup works for some things, but sometimes you just need a doctor and a prescription.

  • paganheart

    Yep … Just like Ken’s decision to ignore his tick bite, and subsequent Lyme disease symptoms, nearly caused his demise….or did Lori try (and fail) to treat it with black salve and elderberry first?

  • French Pandora

    “before saying that getting the flu is no big thing”

    Vikings, Spanish flu and F.You *Rolleyes*

  • paganheart

    I’ve tried taking elderberry syrup for coughs, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference to me, good or bad. I also let a friend talk me into trying echinacea tea for a cold…bad idea. It actually made my symptoms worse. (Turns out I was allergic to it.) I am a believer in taking zinc lozenges at the first sign of a cold; it does seem to reduce the number of days I’m sick and makes the symptoms less severe. I’m also a firm believer in ginger tea (made from straight ginger root) to treat nausea.

  • Friend

    I am a believer in taking zinc lozenges

    That’s sure to galvanize public opinion.

    (Could not resist, sorry. I like zinc lozenges too.)

  • paganheart

    I just got my flu shot this week. I get one every year because as a person with chronic illness (asthma and lupus) I’m at high risk for complications. The one year I skipped my flu shot, when I was a young and dumb2 20-something, I caught the flu (of course), which morphed into pneumonia in both lungs and put me in the hospital for two weeks. Lesson learned…I’ll never skip a flu shot again.

    To borrow a turn of phrase from GOT: “You know nothing, Lori Alexander.”

  • Shwilly

    I figured she must be in need of attention because today she is once again talking about her viral post “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos” and how viciously she was attacked for writing it. Then she links to an article about bits of tattoo needles being found in human lymph nodes.

  • AFo

    All the elderberry and black salve clearly killed Lori’s soul. She’s an absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being.

  • kaydenpat

    The fact that she is deleting critical comments says it all. She’s unqualified to speak about medical issues and I hope that readers aren’t taking her medical advice to heart. Her cockamamie opinion could lead to deaths.

  • kaydenpat

    Unfortunately, I cannot get the flu shot since I’m allergic to eggs but all who can should get it,

  • Angela Monger

    What you will find is that people will get on the Internet and try to persuade you not to seek medical care when you need it but believe me when they need medical care, they will seek it out.

  • Friend

    bits of tatt00 needles being found in human lymph nodes

    I don’t need to look up her sources. Lymph nodes are TINY. The vessels that carry fluid to lymph nodes are even tinier. There is simply no way that needles are breaking up unobserved, and floating through the system.

    Lori is fe@r mongering in a particularly offens1ve way, since people have heard about lymph node removal during c@ncer surgery, and many folks are aware that finding c@ncer in multiple lymph nodes is a bad sign.

    And of course Lori does not care that radiati0n patients often have to get tiny tatt00s to help align medical equipment for precise delivery of treatment.

  • persephone

    Cool. Cool, cool, cool. The fewer idiots2 in the gene pool the better.

    Now, if we could just get doctors to take women’s complaints seriously, the world would be a much better place.

  • persephone

    Oh, see, you made the mistake of assuming she had a soul. She’s been a horror since the day she was born, it’s just that now, with no job and the kids grown and gone, and apparently not having much to do with her church (have you noticed that we never hear much about her church? I would bet they try to avoid her at all costs), she has to spread her unhappiness and misery to others.

  • persephone

    Lost a set of great-grandparents to the Spanish Influenza. My grandmother and her sister grew up in an orphanage.

    Of course, most of these people wouldn’t know the difference between a cold, a flu, and norovirus.

  • Polytropos

    I googled this for a laugh. Turns out the needle bits are actually nanoparticles, which get scraped off the needle when the tat&#8203too ink contains titanium dioxide, a pigment used in some coloured inks. It’s quite interesting, but ultimately it tells us exactly what we all knew already: coloured inks can occasionally cause reactions in some people, depending on what pigments are in them.

  • Ann Kah

    In response to Jeanette’s query, what do you say if you and your kid get the flu and your husband tells you what a moron2 you were for not getting the flu shot? Or more seriously, how do you apologize to a kid you damage or kill2 due to your own stubbornness?

  • Friend

    Thank you!

  • Polytropos

    No problem!

  • Friend

    Got mine too, along with TDAP and HEP-A. Whole family got vacc1nes this month, and we are all still here to tell the very boring tale.

    Here’s the CDC take on the flu vacc1ne: who should have the shot, who should have the mist, who should avoid, and why: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/whoshouldvax.htm

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    If, a big if Lori really had Cyber Knife treatment she also has one of those tiny blue dot tattoos.

  • Friend

    One of my relatives d1ed of Spanish flu as a young child. The surviving parents and siblings had very extreme reactions to de@th for decades afterward. The price goes even beyond the loss of one life. As you well know.

  • Friend

    The piece does give a passing mention to MRAs and such, but it left me with a feeling of compassion for boys who are raised to be the sole bread winner, etc. A lot of rather nice men experience some of this as a burden, not as I Am King Of The Castle (And Get Me A Beer1).

  • French Pandora

    I lost a aunt, a toddler in 1954 or 55, to measles because the vaccine didn’t exist yet. My mother never recuperate from her sister death and is an ardent pro vaccinations.

  • SAO

    Natural remedies work well for self-limiting illnesses. Got the flu? You’ll probably recover in 2 weeks. Take elderberry syrup and you’ll recover in 14 days.

    They also work for nebulous problems that are self-diagnosed. Feel tired? Call it hpothyroidism and take some herbal supplement. If you have real hypothyroidism, you need a doctor who can prescribe synthroid.

  • Jennifer

    Precisely. Idiots2 like Doug Wilson even blame men for their wives’ affairs.

  • Zeldacat

    I am allergic to sulfa. I haven’t sworn off modern medicine as a whole and started spreading lies about it because one class of drugs is a problem for me.

    What happened to Rachel was horrible, but it wasn’t a common occurrence either.

  • Zeldacat

    My mom had a really bad flu (I don’t remember which one) in the mid 60s. She didn’t die, obviously, but she was in the hospital for days and it was a truly miserable experience. She gets flu shots religiously!

  • B.A.

    My grandmother lost her one of her favorite aunts in the 1918 flu epidemic. Grandma was only about 10 at the time,so it was really hard.

  • Delilah Hart

    I don’t know who Aymie Smith is, but she rocks!

  • NikkiofAmystika

    Just a tip: my pharmacist and the medical assistant for my mom’s doctor both say that for most healthy people, the ideal timing for a flu shot69 is early October. Too early and the protection might not last for the entire flu season, too late and you might get sick69 anyway because you waited too long. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for specifics depending on your unique blend of medical conditions, but according to the medical advice I’ve gotten and witnessed, early October is generally the best time.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    The very first time I got a flu shot I got a pneumonia shot as well and spent a week in bed! Whether it was overkill or just a reaction I don’t know, but since I have asthma and flu could kill2 me, and my niece has CF so we have to be careful around her, I still get my shots every year. Reminds me I’m probably due for another pneumonia jab. Be interesting to see how supplies are affected by Brexit…

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Or spend 15 years fighting with various GPs before one of them finally admits you actually have Hashimotos…

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Topical medicines can work to alleviate some symptoms, but not cure the illness… I scoff echinacaea, vitamin C and Vitamin B12 like nobodys business when I have a cold. It doesn’t cure me but it feel like Im doing something, not just malingering.

  • Mimc

    My son was able to despite his allergy. The CDC has a page about egg allergy if anyone is not sure if they can get it or not.

  • Mimc

    There have been a couple of studies looking Zinc use to shorter colds. They also link over use to permanent lose of the sense of smell. So use caution.

  • Ruthitchka

    That’s actually refreshing in a perverse way, since most fundamentalists blame women for their husband’s affairs and pretty much anything else that goes wrong.

  • kaydenpat

    I’ve had peanut and egg allergies for decades now. I’ll check out that page though.

  • Cynthia

    I’ve noticed that she never, ever discusses volunteering or donating to charity, other than declaring that her self-serving blog and self-published books are her “ministry”. In fact, she actually seems to be against helping others.

  • DoctorDJ

    Lori nixed my ability to comment on her FB page after reminding her that 80% of healthcare workers are female, and asking her if she was telling those women to stop treating her Ken and go home and please their own husbands.

  • lady_black

    Oh. My. Dog.
    One of those comments is clearly implying that a woman’s husband dictates what medical treatment she gets or doesn’t get? Seriously?
    Hubby “wants” me not to get a flu shot? Tough noogies! I’m the one with asthma who could die from the flu. I’ll do what I damn please! Note: That’s just a hypothetical. My husband doesn’t interfere with my medical decisions in any way, and never would. I make my own decisions, and so does he.
    I finally did talk him into getting flu shots a few years back. Now that we’re retired, we go together, and since he turned 65, I’m going to ask for a pneumococcal pneumonia shot for him, too. I know he’ll forget to ask. He sort of relies on me to remind him of those things. But, I cannot FORCE him to have one. I just explained the recommendations of the CDC to him, and why he should go ahead and get one.

  • lady_black

    Yes. But, they should only stop treating KEN, because most of the other patients aren’t idiots69, and have respect for nurses. Ken should have stayed home, and let his wife treat him with Black salve and elderberry syrup, or leeches, or whatever passes for medical care in Lori world.

  • lady_black

    Really? My son was diagnosed pretty quickly. But, he’s getting that socialized Navy health care.

  • persephone

    I was around 10 when I came down with a really bad one. I usually run fairly low fevers, but mine shot up and stayed up. I remember spending an entire week in bed, not the couch even, but my bed.

  • lady_black

    Re: Getting a flu shot, and still getting the flu. That happened to me, in the swine flu outbreak of 2009. It turns out the only people immune were those who had it back in the 1970s. It wasn’t one of the predicted strains that season. So, naturally, my husband and I were both felled by it. I ended up at the doctors office in respiratory distress. The PA was scared. She said she was almost inclined to send me to the hospital, but she treated me, prescribed meds, and I responded to the nebulizer treatment. I was able to go back to work the next day, with the nebulizer medication (one of the benefits of working in a nursing job) and without dragging my machine along with me.

  • Toxic Masculinity is things men are encouraged to do that will KILL2 THEM. Tackle Football is literally a textbook case in this. A violent sport that causes grievous injuries where the players are then encouraged to play through the injury and pain for GLORY.