Larry Solomon Targeting Teens?

Larry Solomon Targeting Teens? October 16, 2019
This is not Larry. This is one of those generic stock images Larry is now using. He looks nothing like this! But it just might fool a gullible teen or two.

It came out yesterday that Biblical Gender Roles Larry Solomon has relaunched his Facebook page. His newest target for his criminal cult-like theology? Impressionable teenagers! Larry Solomon targeting teens.

Why would this be a problem? Simple. Teens aren’t fully developed like adults are. Especially in the area of the brain. While kids brains are about 90 percent developed size wise by the time they are around 6 years old, the brain needs more development before someone can function as an adult. Much of that development happens in the teenage years and can continue until you are in your mid twenties.

All of this means that you’re more suggestible to an entire laundry list of bad things, sex, drugs, smoking, eating Tide pods and cult religions. There is nothing scarier than a True Believer who is a teen, no matter the religion. Just look at some of the young ISIS fighters, Charles Manson’s followers, young priests and nuns, and many of the recent mass shooters in America and tell me that becoming radicalized is not easier at a younger age.

One site involved with helping parents of teenagers sucked into high demand organizations explains it this way:

No teen actually joins a cult, they join a religious movement or a political organization that reaches out to the feelings of angst or isolation that many troubled teen’s experience. Over time, this group gradually reveals its true cultish nature, and before teens know it, they are trapped in a web they can’t untangle.

With the strong rise in teen internet usage, cults have many ways to contact children and brainwash them.

And there you have Larry, sitting there like a big old poisonous hairy toad waiting to tell teen girls to submit in all things, and training teenage boys to believe that women have no right to ever say no to sex, suggesting to them that rape is not rape but their rights to unlimited sex. Suggesting to take what is denied you, just do not look into her weeping face while you rape your wife. That you can control the women in your life with finances (financial abuse) and to withhold medications (medical abuse) when she’s no cooperative.

Larry’s blog Biblical Gender Roles is a ‘how to’ abuse manual wrapped in misapplied biblical verses.

For an adolescent, particularly a young male struggling to figure out what it means to be a man. Who are perhaps attracted to the manosphere of the Red Pill guys. These are the young men that Larry’s poisonous words would have the greatest impact, and the potential to ruin lives. Not just the life of the boy taking his words as gospel but any future romantic partners and children, a huge ripple effect.

Larry’s own sickening words:

Keep in mind that Larry only pulled down his original Facebook page when this blog published information that others had been carefully compiling for ages linking posts on the BGR Facebook page to the same information on another Facebook page by a “Larry” He states he pulled it down to protect personal info on the Facebook page.

You know, I admin the NLQ Facebook page and there is no additional identifiable information there, just my real name. No info about your credit card, nothing to link back to you but your name..

Unlike Larry I am not hiding behind a nom de plume. Which, of course, begs the question yet again why all the secrecy? If you were so proud of your words and theology you’d stand behind them instead of lurking under the bridge like a massive hairy troll. Unless you know what you are advocating is illegal in many parts of the country.

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