Friday Follies – Dastardly Duggar Doings, Doug Wilson Comedian & Lori Alexander Thinks All Feminists are Lesbians

Friday Follies – Dastardly Duggar Doings, Doug Wilson Comedian & Lori Alexander Thinks All Feminists are Lesbians January 24, 2020

They should have had rule #23 there – “Don’t molest your sisters and porn stars” on the list

I just could not pick one topic today.  Too much weirdness from Lori Alexander finding out that Anthony Paul “Dream” “Beach Muscles” Johnson was no Christian, to watching Doug Wilson bloviate, and seeing how wrong my least favorite Duggar fan/fansite Pickles and Hairspray, can be.

The Duggars

First up, Britain’s The Sun got the wrong end of the stick on today’s story about the Duggars. They seem to think that Duggar friend and fellow miscreant Caleb Williams is courting Jana Duggar. This has been debunked many times now. That’s something we’ve seen zero evidence of. It is known that Jana has apparently turned down potential suitors so far, and is unmarried, uncourted and unengaged at 30.

Caleb is getting a disgracefully short sentence for serial sexual abuse of a girl starting when she was between the ages of 13 and 17 years old and continuing on until she ended up pregnant.  He got 62 days of jail time, most of which will be spent on ‘work release.’ What the heck, Illinois? Is that really fitting punishment for a grown man committing statutory rape? Why so lax on sex offenders.  I am guessing they would have given Josh Duggar zero time for his crimes. Silly Duggar story written just to hook in readers and Pickles helped. (Eta: corrected the misinformation I pulled from the UK article. Something about seeing the briny cucumber lady’s name sets my vinegary blood boiling and I am not rational. Years ago I bumped heads with her over some very racist statements against Muslims.)

Doug Wilson

Haven’t quoted Wilson here in a while. Manly because he now seems determined to be a bad comedian. He’s written a piece that is not clearly marked parody unless you look at the tag at the bottom that sums up his racist Trump supporting views. It’s a piece titled “Our Scheduling Secretary Regrets Error” and involves a democrat mixing up “Black Lives Matter” and the “Bureau of Land Management” to his idea of hilarious effect. In other words not funny and quite racist.

“What they actually heard was testimony from Katisha Johnson from Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Johnson opened with an aggressive statement, accusing the committee of luxuriating in their white privilege, and saying that someone really ought to come in and shoot them all.”

This is just racist and not funny! Doug does not have a clue that Black Lives Matter exists because of racial stereotyping and hatred like his! This is not what they do.

But after reading the few weird snippets from his “Let’s talk crap about everyone else in church” book “Evangellyfish” I believe it is going on my NLQ reading list for a review. Look that these crazy semi-comic attempts by Wilson to be clever.

“This part of town had their crazy pastors too, but they mainly operated out of storefronts with names like Knee Deep in Glory Gospel Center. And some of their pastors had tattoos, but these were just tattoos that said, ‘I was in the Navy once, before I met Jesus,’ instead of the uptown ecclesiastical version that said, ‘I am desperate to accessorize my iPad.”


“The customer was just frustrated with his deteriorating motor skills, but I think the way he smelled had something to do with that—he smelled like living downwind of three Kentucky bourbon plants.”

Lori Alexander

Yesterday many people reached out to Lori Alexander about her notion that Anthony Paul “Dream” “Beach Muscles” Johnson was Christian and that she approved of his “Make Women Great Again” Conference. Lori has apparently heeded those that reached out and started to back down from her support. But…. she’s kept up all of promotion pieces for the conference even after finding that Johnson loves to sleep with prostitutes and other disgusting ideas. She needs to go much farther than merely admitting someone might have a point about him not being a Christian. I know one thing Johnson has done and done well, tickled Lori’s ears and deceived her, the very thing she accuses female teachers of doing that she herself does.

But then this pops up on my Facebook page. It’s from a Lori supporter named  Bill and boy did the Mgtow guys bring the toxic  on the post about “Make Women Great Again”. A few selections.

So Billy boy is calling for an armed insurrection against what he perceives as “Evil Lesbians”? Good luck with that, but shouldn’t this guy be on some nutbar government watchlist somewhere with Steven Anderson and Larry Solomon?

Then there’s Blair..

Dear Lori, please make up your mind. Are you for or against women? Please take down your links to the “Make Women Great Again” conference and stop allowing these demented, very flawed, weak, destructive women haters room on your site.

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