Which is the Worst Threat? Blacks in the Royal Family or the Corona Virus?

Which is the Worst Threat? Blacks in the Royal Family or the Corona Virus? January 28, 2020

Screencap from the BBC show What The Fuss?

We don’t talk much about Dave Daubenmire here. Mostly because his ideas make Paula White’s ravings against marine life seem sane. Plus I am very allergic to nonsense like this.

Earlier in the month Daubenmire outdid himself exposing something that is inherent in Quiverfull theology – racism. Most people in the QF movement hide their racism, or talk about having oodles of children to populate the world with Christians. Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies comes right to the point. Nancy will say that we need to increase our good Christian white baby output to out-breed the evil brown people. There it is, your main motivation for Quiverfull boiled down to the real reason.

Dave Daubenmire bemoaned the marriage of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, grandson of England’s Queen Elizabeth when it happened back in 2017. Why? Racism. He claimed that Markle marrying into the British royal family was a ‘disgrace’, going on to claim it was some sort of silly Satanic plot to take down the family that was the head of, and represented all things “Christian”.

Now that Harry has taken the sensible step of doing what is healthy for his growing family, stepping back from royal duties and moving the family to Canada Daubenmire had this to say:

“How is the royal bloodline of the crown being poisoned?” Daubenmire asked. “Is there something special about this commoner who has married into the royalty?”

“She’s half black,” Daubenmire answered. “When [Harry and Meghan] step back, what is going to be at the heart of why she did it? What are they going to say? Come on. Wake up here. What are they going to say? … Racism! She never felt comfortable. She felt like she was below everybody else.”

“The royal family is the seat of Christianity,” he continued. “We cannot deny the impact the royal family has had on the WASP-y culture; the White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture is a result of what has happened within the crown. And the crown has now, for the first time, been infiltrated with a bloodline … oh my goodness, that sounds racist, doesn’t it?”

If this sounds racist it is because it IS racist!

Daubenmire’s claim that the royal family being the seat of Christianity is just  laughable! While I admire Queen Elizabeth’s for her dignity in the face of undignified circumstances all I can say is that Dave is completely devoid of historical facts. This is a family where one monarch was drunken and bisexual openly (King James I), another wedded, bedded, killed a pile of wives after a head injury (King Henry VIII), the members are notorious for their affairs (King Edward VII, rumored Prince Phillip, Prince Charles along with a long list of others) because royal mistresses were a thing too. There have been members suffering with madness tucked away, murders, and all sorts of unsavory behaviors through the years happening in the British royal family. It’s naive and childish to imbue them with an almost God-like status.

Why is Daubenmire not focusing on real problems, genuine horrible things happening now that he could be aiding by publicizing real news beneficial for everyone, for example the emergence of the Corona Virus. I have been watching the coverage with interest because of being on an immune suppressor. Lots and lots of misinformation being spread. I am following the CDC, Johns Hopkins and a friend in Canada who works in the field of tracking health threats. Think of all the good guys like Daubenmire could do if they just dropped their silly racism, obsession with being an alpha male while being pretty substandard and other things that do not matter and focused on actually helping others.

PS – I am sure some of you will be scratching your heads wondering how I jumped from the racism against Megham Markle to the Corona Virus. Easy, I’m starting to see the first long ranty super racist against the Chinese mutterings in both America and here in Costa Rica. They have that in common. As this continued this will become another front in the war against racism we must continue to resist. Cue outrage and racism from Daubenmire against the Chinese in 3…2…..1

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