Lori Alexander Hates Valentines Day?

Lori Alexander Hates Valentines Day? February 14, 2020

I am beginning to think some unhappy Quiverfull person somewhere nearby has a doll of my house and is pushing pins in. First weeks of internet issues finally fixed late Wednesday followed by no electric yesterday and getting up this morning to find internet down for everyone in our tiny town. After it took until 6 pm for the problem to be resolved I’d resigned myself to the idea that I would resume regular posting in the morning. Then this crossed my desk.

By now I know everyone in this wide world knows that today is Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love worldwide. It’s a nice day, meant for exchanges of flowers, or candy or just kind words and cards. All of us know people who post over the top protestations of love for significant others, in relationships both good and bad, and the flip side. Those  folks proclaiming that their worth and value is not determined by an artificial Hallmark marketed holiday. I think it’s pretty safe to say most folks fall somewhere between those two extremes, enjoying the sentiment of the day without it being this gigantic enormous thing that overjoys us, or leaves us wrecked.

However you chose to celebrate or not celebrate it is fine. It’s strictly a personal decision. And then there’s Lori. Here’s what she shared and said this morning online about Valentine’s Day:

Oh Lori! Ken didn’t get you those roses or whatever it was you were lusting over for the holiday. Bitter and disappointed at some point in the relationship it sounds like. This is just such a weird little piece of shaming, blaming and politics to share on a day dedicated to the idea of love. It’s sad she’s more about shame-based everything than love.

One has to wonder what happened to this woman to cause her to be so angry, bitter and nasty over every single thing in life. There’s nothing “Biblical” or “Godly” about her messages, it’s all about demeaning someone else.

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  • RainbowPhoenix

    I agree with Lori on something? I feel like I need to purify myself.

    By the way, the person Lori responded to was breaking the commandment not to bear false witness. Just thought I’d point that out since the mainstream media never does.

  • Saraquill

    Lori doesn’t know the beauty of G*d’s way. She worships herself too much.

  • persephone

    I think it’s pretty obvious why Lori is so bitter9 and unhappy9: she sold herself the idea that being an SAHM, 50’s style housewife would bring her happiness and contentment. She pictured herself as June Cleaver, perfectly dressed and coiffed, house perfect, kissing Ken as he left for the day and got home, happy children who think she walks on water. Perfect meals, perfect home, perfect husband, perfect children.

    Hah! We know that that is never going to happen because humans are individuals, not programmed factory robots.

    Now, she’s home all day, babysits some of the grandkids, poorly, and she’s not getting the 24/7 praise she expected from being the Proverbs 31 wife.

    My guess is that she is also probably unpopular at her church. She doesn’t seem to ever mention events outside family events. It must be salt in the wound to have no church women seeking her out.

    BTW: most of the things she lists as the Democratic platform are not true. Besides, Jesus said to pay your taxes. PAY YOUR TAXES, LORI!

  • Allison the Great

    The people who protect pedophiles are called pastors and they are also called priests and both groups are predominantly conservative.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Does she even babysit her grandchildren? For somebody who gets as worked up about motherhood as she does, her kids and grandkids don’t actually seem to play that big a role in her current life.

  • If hypothetically Satan were running for President, surely he would want to expand the military so he could use it for world domination?

  • Gretchen Beam

    sadly she does, she has all kinds of awful stories involving emotional abuse of them. Her son an DIL are just like her

  • Aloha 2

    Maybe she thinks Valentines over-exalts the idea of romantic love. And it does. But people are already offering alternatives:
    — Friendship day
    — Galentines day
    — Just eat the chocolates day

    None of that cheerfulness will suffice for a Conservative Christian. They have to hop back to “God’s ideal for marriage” with virginity, inflexible gender roles, and multitudes of offspring.

  • AFo

    I’m single, so I get it, Valentine’s day can be annoying- if you let it. But I’m comfortable with where I am right now, and I know my parents will always gift me candy no matter what, so I scroll past the gooey social media posts and do my own thing. I don’t expect the world at large to care about my situation or cater to me, but that’s because I can see past the end of my nose.

  • Friend

    And you know this how? 😉

  • persephone

    Day after Valentine’s = half-price chocolate! Stopping on my way home to stock up.;

  • Jennifer

    What an all-around ugly thing to post. No holiday is a holiday from her bitterness.

  • Jennifer

    That’s the trick: he’d be talking about peace, pretending to want to unite the world. But somehow, he’d also be expanding forces on the down-low.

  • Karen the rock whisperer

    I’ve never been a fan of the day either, because it’s the quintessential Hallmark Holiday. There is a strong cultural expectation, at least in the US, that the day is for the guys in straight couples to spend money on stuff for their wives/girlfriends–the more money the better. Show her how much you care! Um, except that spending money on someone is often a way to replace the way people ought to show they care about each other with a meaningless show. (Not always, of course, but often.) I’ve heard too many women co-workers complain about their husband/boyfriend not spending enough on them, come the next workday after Valentine’s Day. I always tended to ease out of those conversations, for fear I would tell them what I thought of their values. If they found out that my husband hadn’t bought me anything, they’d always be aghast. He must not love me very much. (Actually, he seems to love me quite a bit, and shows it in many things he does; I try to show my love for him regularly as well. We’ll be married 40 years in June, so we must be doing something right.)

    I also will never forget the night I and three co-workers, in a city far from home installing equipment on a military base, gave up on the remaining bugs for the night and dragged ourselves out for a meal at something like 9 pm. We found that every restaurant still open was packed. That was a very unpleasant dinner. The kitchen was overloaded and food took a long time to come. Our server was overloaded as well, and we tipped generously out of pity. The noise level in the restaurant was horrible, and we could barely have a simple conversation. I can’t imagine actually being local and *choosing* to go out to eat that night, but we were coming off 12 or 13 hours of intense software debug work and needed something more nourishing than Burger King.

    So, yes, Valentine’s Day can be problematic, and sets people up for shallow expressions of affection. But Lori probably doesn’t really care about any of that. The very concept of people celebrating love in all its forms, even stripped of the silly spending frenzy, doesn’t play as Godly enough for her. (Yet another good Bible-believing Christian who probably never read the Song of Solomon.) After all, True Christians should love God with (almost) all their hearts, grudgingly love their spouses (because any piece of their hearts given to anyone else means less for God, doesn’t it? As though love is limited and hearts are pizzas…), and deny their children the free parental love and affection that all children need. Other humans can go pound sand.

  • Cynthia

    She does. Several months ago, Suzanne found her chat room comments about telling her oldest granddaughter, age 8, to not be “emotional” as she cried for her parents. If grandparents frequently babysit, as she apparently does, this is not normal.

  • B.A.

    2020 Republican Platform:
    Lock children in cages;let them die from lack of medical care
    March with tiki torches
    Wear white hoods and sheets
    Make the 1% richer,and the poor poorer
    Deny climate change
    Mass shootings
    Everyone and their brother armed
    No rights for women,POCs,LGBT,or non-Christians
    Dismantle the Constitution
    Control women’s bodies

  • zizania

    I spent part of Valentine’s Day having 15 staples removed from my belly. I’m just happy to be back with my completely unromantic but otherwise pretty darn wonderful husband of 35 years and a little dog who went completely bonkers when I walked through the door after a week in the hospital. We can’t all conform to that 50’s TV sit-com version of marriage; we just have to figure out what works for us.