Meet the Four Brothers Behind the Anti-Quarantine Protests and Their Book Burning Father

Meet the Four Brothers Behind the Anti-Quarantine Protests and Their Book Burning Father April 21, 2020

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For the last so many days many have been saying that the recent protests against social distancing and staying home had to have been organized by a bigger group, manipulated by powerful players in politics. There have been tales of many at the first rally being paid to protest, that large online groups started it. Turns out that the sons of someone NLQ has mentioned a few times are behind some of it.

Sometimes life throws out some big curveballs they sometimes end up taking some strange twists before landing in anyone’s mitt. Yesterday’s reveal by the Mail Online  and today’s take by NBC is that the four brothers with the last name of Dorr were behind organizing protests in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York was surprising to me, but not in the ways that the the Mail Online could have foreseen.

The brothers all have links to the same radical  cultish version of Evangelicalism that many of the folks we write about do. Between the four of them they run a number of organizations and Facebook groups, gun rights groups, anti-quarantine groups, trump fan clubs and other organizations.

What all of the groups have in common is one thing. All of them have big “Donate” buttons allowing the brothers to profit off their political options, and second amendment stances. They are mining the outrage of Trump’s base to make money. They have profited so hugely that the NRA, the granddaddy of all gun rights organizations, and fundraising powerhouse has disavowed them and tried to take political action against Aaron, Chris, Benjamin and Matt Dorr.

Whoa! The NRA, one of the most fear-mongering political action committees and powerful players in Washington, D.C., is publicly calling these brothers scammers. They have made one powerful enemy while supporting themselves on the hard earned cash of others.

The brothers are on the radar of main stream media now too.

So this isn’t a recent scam, this is a long ongoing concern of mining the outrage, and then profiting like a fool while claiming you did things someone else actually did. Sounds very much like what happens in many Evangelical churches and organizations on the more bizarre and controlled end of the spectrum.

Now the four Dorr brothers have moved onto a new scam activity, organizing some of those anti-quarantine rallies that started at the end of last week and now are taking place many jurisdictions. And they are playing up the quarantine is some sort of liberal plot to steal their weapons, instead of what it really is, the responsible actions of the state government to keep citizens safe and check the spread of disease.

The Daily Mail has more about the Dorr brothers links to radical right wing groups in their article. They ask the question I want to know, why are they not a registered PAC, pretending to be a grassroots organization when they are an organized force manipulating others for their own political agenda? This quote jumped out at me:

‘The brothers will do anything to fan the flames of a controversial issue, and maybe make a quick nickel,’ Republican Clel Baudler, a former Iowa state legislator, said to the Post.

But people are finally starting to wake up to these dangerous actors on the fringes of where Evangelical Christianity, gun rights, Trump supporters and scam artists collide. There’s a new website tracking their groups and their behavior Exposing the Dorr Brothers Scams. It’s where the images in this post come from and it’s an interesting read with loads of information on the misdeeds of these guys.

What all of the recent articles I am seeing on this bunch misses is that these smaller nuts didn’t fall far from daddy nut at the top of the tree. These four are all the sons of Paul Dorr, notorious in his community for burning books. He checked out four children’s books involving homosexuality, burned them on camera in a long rant filled video he posted on Youtube. Which is very similar to the modus operandi used by his sons. Charges were brought against him and it was hardly the only time. He has a long laundry list of charges in Iowa and law suits lodged against  him for bad behavior like this in the name of Jesus. And now we find out these disgraceful four are sons of his. They learned this nonsense at his knee.

But one of the biggest other red flags to the insane behavior and hateful nature of his faith is his love of one Lori Alexander, one female cultural enforcer with a very shaming and blaming theology, who is now busy making many odd conspiracy theory claims of her own on social media. Paul is one of her cheerleaders, posting rear lavaging comments on her social media accounts mixed with his own conspiracy theories on infertility and a number of stupid things.

An entire cluster-you-know-what of manipulation, lies and conspiracies. May they all contract this illness that they think is not real.

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