Corona Virus Response a Feminist Plot – Open Thread Covid 19

Corona Virus Response a Feminist Plot – Open Thread Covid 19 May 7, 2020

Lord have mercy! Larry Solomon, he of the Biblical Gender Roles who never met a bride he didn’t want to abuse, now thinks he’s an expert on viruses, pandemics, and the economy. Is he? Well no, he holds no medical training much less  a nursing or M.D.  degree. Shows no bona-fides for any education about public policy, or disaster training, or planning for emergencies. How can you even look at that house he owns in Warren, Michigan and think he might know anything about the economy when he clearly cannot even handle his own?

Larry is rattling along with stupidity just like certain elderly rock stars that think they can give out legitimate medical advice! Brian May is not entirely wrong. I can tell you from a lifetime of bad asthma that laying on your left side instead of your back helps when you struggle to breath, or being propped up into a semi sitting position. But don’t take it from me, even the NIH website has this information about best breathing positions.  The rest in his video is as true, helpful and useful as Lori Alexander’s recent medical advice video.

Still not sure why people who are not professionals think that they have any authority or skin in this pandemic game. The rules are simple. Stay home. Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer when you cannot wash your hands. Wear a mask in public. Consult your doctor for your health and medicine questions. It really is that simple.

If you cannot reach your doctor take a gander at the CDC website, or even podcasts by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Someone with some experience, education,  and gravitas. Not the Larrys, Brians and Loris of this world.

So what is Larry saying this time? He’s throwing around some numbers on all the things that kill Americans every day. Some of his numbers look suspicious, like his figures on how many people die from the flu is highly exaggerated. He claims between 300K and 600K die yearly from the flu without citing if this is a worldwide number or an American one. Looks like a worldwide number Larry picked up from a CDC article speculating on the rise of flu deaths. It is marked by the CDC as no longer accurate, and not being updated.

What Larry does not get is that these vast numbers of people dying from things that can be mitigated, or lessened by safety measures and vaccines are not a justification for saying that it’s time to reopen and we should not worry about how many more people die. Where the heck in the Bible does it say screw the ill, the poor and those elderly?

The numbers are climbing since Larry posted his piece, and a government report projects they will double by the end of the month of May. Since Larry wrote his piece last week we have gained nearly 20,000 new deaths. A sharp rise.

Larry says this about the role of government in protecting our citizenry:

“And yes it is the job of civil government to try and reduce or mitigate the loss of the lives of its citizens from things like car accidents, murder, work place accidents and viruses. That is why we have stop lights, speed limits, local police forces, safety inspectors and federal agencies like the National Health Institute and Centers for Disease Control.”

How is trying to reduce COVID 19 deaths any different than the yearly push by the NIH and CDC to get everyone immunized against the flu? It’s not, but Larry picks the most illogical reason why he thinks that COVID is different. Feminism.

Screencap from YouTube

What I was literally doing when I first read Larry’s words about feminism causing the pandemic response. Oh knittah please!

Wheezing with laughter as Larry quotes a very hyperbolic piece by a woman writing for that conservative rag wanna be once owned by the Moonies the Washington Times. Oh the huge manatee of her rage filled words!

“The response to the coronavirus is hyped. And in time, this hype will be revealed as politically hoaxed.

In fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have no business running a national economy or government.”

Larry listens to a hyperbolic hysterical female like she’s God’s oracle on the mountain top, then uses her words to claim feminism is behind it?  He’s listening to a woman say it’s hyped and then deciding it’s all women creating this problem is hysterical! Larry is in rare Dunning Kruger stupid form with this piece.

“The logical and rational response would be for governments to warn higher risk populations to self-isolate and then prepare the people for a temporary spike in deaths from the new virus. Instead our governments reacted emotionally and in a feminine manner and shut down our economies, forcing low risk people (then vast majority) to stay in their homes to try and further mitigate this otherwise normal loss of life. And yes, deaths from COVID 19 this year will turn out to be normal or even below normal in the grand perspective of human history when compared to many other viruses that mankind has had to contend with.”

What Larry is proposing here as the masculine response puts a lot of folks at risk. He claims that only the old and sick need to be isolated, both saying that they don’t matter and should die, and not understanding how easy it is for a healthy normal person to carry that same virus into a high risk person by the virtue of taking some normal caring action, like delivering a meal or groceries. There is literally no way to tell who is a carrier.  That is what makes this dangerous for everyone, even a plump little thing like Larry, likely to have at least two of those comorbidity conditions listed as problematic and high risk. Guessing Larry has not considered that he might be considered high risk.

Larry babbles on endlessly about abortion, COVID and liberal feminists for quite a few word salad paragraphs before landing here most ungracefully.

“The leftists and humanists want us to wear masks and practice social distancing to go buy milk. But in the coming months they will continue to fight for the right of two strangers to meet at a bar (with masks on of course) and then go home, take off their masks, get naked and engage in casual sex. The irony and foolishness of their positions are completely lost on them.”

What part of bars are not open in most places does Larry not understand? It almost sounds like he’s jealous that anyone else might be having lovely relations that are pleasant and unforced with a  touch of his usual homophobia.

This is all followed by lots of lies about how the FDA does not approve medications fast enough, about feminism is all about preventing risks, how all the rich great men will not allow just a few deaths to stand in the way, all the usual conspiracy clap trap lies and tropes making their  way around the internet among those with out the education and smarts to understand how governments, plagues and medicine work.

Larry bemoans that many of the conspiracy theory videos, anti Covid lockdown lies and other foolish lying pieces of propaganda by his ‘side’ have been pulled down from YouTube and Facebook for being, yup, you guessed it — fake news. He completely misunderstands why so many of us have recently risen up against the plethora of this demented garbage, even when it comes from our own side.

“The humanist clings to their life in the here and now because they believe this is all there is. But as Christians we know that this life is only the beginning our eternal life. And it is the decisions we make in this life that determine how we will live for the rest of eternity. The ever so slight possibility of dying from COVID 19, another flu bug, a car accident or an accident at work is nothing compared to the absolute certainty that we will be tormented for eternity in the lake of fire if we have not placed our faith and trust in Christ as our Lord and Savior.”

If Larry genuinely felt this way he’d be out there maskless, without hand sanitizer, going about his life instead attending the Facebook Live services of his church. Be my guest, Larry, sacrifice yourself to this virus. Me? I’m at home knowing my science, my history and not wanting to risk spreading anything, even to slime like him.

Biblical patriarchy has been shown to be so much more of a failure than anyone dreamed through this pandemic and our new realities. Weak whining wimpy guys screeching how masculine they are.

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