Lori Alexander Loves Conspiracy Theories and Hydroxycloroquine

Lori Alexander Loves Conspiracy Theories and Hydroxycloroquine July 31, 2020

If you’ve been on social media since Monday I am sure by now you’ve seen the memes and the short film involving Dr. Stella Immanuel. It’s been relentless shared by President Donald Trump, even as Facebook and Twitter have removing the film every time it pops up.

So what is Dr. Immanuel promoting? An entire laundry list of insane fundamentalist Christian beliefs so crazy that the internet has been laughing and memeing. It’s easier to post a meme of this than try to break it down. It’s hard to believe that a pediatrician would believe these things, much less promote them.

Are you laughing yet? That’s a pretty unusual list. Even the venerated Washington Post was unable to write about Dr. Immanuel’s claims without being entirely snarky! But the scary thing is that Evangelical Christians are falling for this easily debunk able nonsense as the gospel truth!

They only missed her claims that masking is completely unnecessary, which we know there is a huge part of the Evangelical world that already believes this. They trot around like happy little plague rats spreading sunshine, Jesus and the virus willy-nilly as seen recently in Sacramento, California by a pile of churches like Verity Baptist, people belonging to Bethel, and others.

In trots our least favorite Quiverfull cultural enforcer Lori Alexander:

Is “Sensoring” when medical personnel stick those EKG sensors or others all over your body? Uh, Lori, “Sensoring” is not a word. I think the word she’s grappling for is likely “Censoring”

Lori is speaking here about the entire Dr. Immanuel confloption, not coming out to say she is 100% on board, but clearly is. Lori never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t just love.

Lori has had more waffling on the issues surrounding the COVID 19 crisis than the combined waffle count at Waffle House worldwide. First it was an overblown by the media fake news event. Then people started marching in support of criminal justice and law enforcement reform under the Black Lives Matter and Lori started screaming out her support of social distancing and masking. Condemning the marchers for exposing others.

There is no ‘great success’ in treating COVID 19 with hydroxycloroquine. Studies, real, legitimate, science-based studies, show not only is there no benefit, no improvement, and no help for the COVID 19 patient in taking hydroxycloroquine in some cases it makes your odds of dying go up. Many states, like Ohio, and the FDA have either banned or pulled permission for the drug to be used to treat COVID 19.

The drug does carry some risks with no genuine benefit. From the FDA:

Did you get that? Serious heart arrhythmia, trashed kidneys and liver failure. I am not a doctor, but I know you cannot live without functioning heart, kidneys and liver.

This woman is not going to be content until she gets some of her followers killed, is she?  I would guess she’ll just blame it on the lizard people running our government. Plus the lizard people writing for various publications I suppose.


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