‘Black and Tan’ – Paleo? Part 2

‘Black and Tan’ – Paleo? Part 2 August 1, 2020

This week’s book to wash the nasty taste of Wilson’s racism from our virtual mouths.

This is the second installment of looking at Doug Wilson’s apologia for liking slavery and the entire idea of enslaving folks of color. This week Doug is claiming he is ‘Paleo’, as in paleo-confederate, paleo-medieval, paleo-conservative, paleo-Constantinian, paleo-Puritan, paleo-Chestertonian and a paleo-spear Dane.

That’s a lot of paleo-baloney, and no, baloney is not suggested on the Paleo diet! Paleo is just a fancy way of saying older than dirt, ancient. I don’t know what Doug here thinks it means, but I am guessing in his word salady way he’s decided it means more like ‘bedrock’

He starts out screeching that everyone and their brother completely misunderstand the booklet he co-authored on slavery titled “Southern Slavery as it Was”

“It was the contention of this booklet that the way in which slavery ended has had ongoing deleterious consequences for modern Christians in our current culture wars, and that slavery was far more benign in practice that it was made to appear in the literature of the abolitionists.”

Holy run on sentence, Batman! I know I tend to do run on sentences. An unfortunate habit picked up at the regional newspaper I sometimes wrote. But this goes beyond ‘summarize the entire article in one long run on sentence/paragraph’

Doug might have a slight point here. The way the former slaves were treated, and given little to not help post-Civil war was awful. 40 acres and a mule does not solve the problems of unleashing an uneducated subjugated population out into the world and expecting them to thrive. Life does not work like that.

Then Doug leaps to gay marriage, claiming it is linked by saying things like this:

“We have not seen this level of moral folly in high places since Caligula made his horse a senator.”

Actually I’m betting Caligula’s horse makes a better senator than senator Strom Thurmond.

“The tag ‘neo-confederate’ conjures up images of a handful of disillusioned yahoos setting up a tiny republic in a trailer park east of Houston somewhere.”

And those that do the same thing near a place named Moscow, Idaho. Doug’s being disparaging of others in his own wheelhouse here to a bad effect.

He goes on to take pot shots at university professors and journalists, calling them ‘semi-literate‘ and ‘half-educated‘. I am guessing that is because they call out his racist codswallop for the racist codswallop it truly is.

Doug goes on to claim that the outcome of the Civil War happened because God sought to punish the Southerners. He’s missing some rather big decisive factors here. The South lost the war because they did not have the same level of resources that the industrial North did. It’s hard to win a war when you have only a small fraction of the munitions factories, armament, soldiers, support structures, factories, and just about every other supply you could imagine. Wasn’t it Rhett Butler who said in “Gone With the Wind” that all the South had was cotton, arrogance and dreams of glory?

Doug leapfrogs over to how blamed he was for not stating racism is a flat out evil against society.

“The reason we were slandered in the way we were was simply because we refused to say that racism was a sin against the State or against humanity. All sin, if it is indeed sin, is sin against God.”

He goes on to whine and whinge that it’s not a sin against political parries or HHS without once addressing the fact that by failing to condemn racism on general principles is pretty much the same as approval of racism.

“Their (Southerners) racism was less virulent in a number of ways that what was found in the North, but it more blameworthy…..  Both Northerners and  Southerners were misled by the obvious inferiority of black culture at that time..”

Culture is a very sticky wicket indeed. Culture cannot be inferior. Culture is what any given group of people operate in. Thinking that anyone else’s culture is ‘wrong’ or ‘inferior’ is the mark of White Entitlement. I have to fight against this myself living here in Costa Rica and seeing them not repair roads and just pack the holes with dirt because the guy packing the holes would be out of a job. It’s a cultural mind set that is vastly different than U.S. culture. There is no wrong, or right, just what is cultural to a people.

Doug talks about how his European white culture was just as backwards and primitive as these Africans before they all got saved by Jesus and started building cathedrals and composing hymns.

Hmm, I wonder if he realizes many hymns are tavern drinking songs with new lyrics?

He goes on to claim that the Civil War is akin to the French Revolution, ignoring the differing reasons for the fight, the differing nature of the actual warcraft, and the outcomes. Then it’s all ‘Come to Jesus’ in ten thousand words before he lands at insisting that the Democrats hate Jesus and he’s fighting a culture war against them.

Dear Doug, bloviating in the Idaho backwoods online is not the same as hand to hand combat in the streets.

Next week, Pawpaw Wilson reminisces about life in 1950s segregated Annapolis, Maryland.

This week’s featured book by an African American author is “Makes Me Wanna Holler” by Nathan McCall. It’s a gritty, sometimes hard to read, biography of growing up in the Tidewater area of Virginia. I could not put it down. The book is described as both devastating and inspiring.

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