Tainted Twisted Ideas about Love in Evangelicalism?

Tainted Twisted Ideas about Love in Evangelicalism? August 13, 2020

We cannot be inflating her ago so just imagine her face where Grumpy Cat’s is in this image.

She Who Shall Not Be Named has always exhibited some unusual and toxic ideas about love. Put them together with her husband’s ridiculous multipage document on love and you have a what not to do in marriage manual.

Her version of love and marriage sounds like a lifetime of thankless slavery, like a guy condemned to 50 years of license plate pressing in the service of the state for crimes he committed. But it’s not that, and it’s twisted that she thinks the entire meaning of 1 Corinthians 3 does not deal with feelings.

The first part of that passage deals with people who do self righteous things, but do not feel love, how incredibly futile everything they do is. Like her ministry. There’s never been one spark of love for anyone in any of the words she routinely spews, only poisonous dislike and denigration.

The next point is bullet points about what love does. It’s patient, it’s kind, it’s not arrogant or rude. Whoopsie! That last bit describes every bit of our lady here. The entire passage is how you act in love, what loving actions and words are to go along with the feeling. It does not do away with the feeling. The feeling underpins everything else. It’s a good roadmap for how you love your spouse and  make love last for many years.

I’ve been married 34 years now, and feelings ebb and flow. You don’t get to stay in that hazy love cloud high you’re riding on when you first get married, and during your honeymoon years. But you better at least been feeling a few glimmers of it occasionally or it’s time to consult a counselor to try and figure out why.

You live the love every day, in the smallest of ways. daily common things. Example – family grocery shopping yesterday I added peanut butter and that good dark European chocolate my husband loves to the basket just because I love him and want to bless him.

This little guy came running up to me yesterday begging for food in a beachside restaurant. When I fed him a few bits and said I was sorry but I was out of breakfast my husband took over. He’s afraid of iguanas, but I know he only fed the guy because of his love for me, and he knows of my great love of animals. He even managed to squelch his iguana fear when the lizard decided to take a rest between our feet. That is love, day to day love, not that huge new emotion, not the 3 hots and a cot with lube that she preaches.

I suspect we’re seeing these “Love is THIS!” and “Marriage is THIS ONLY!” posts from this female cultural enforcer because this is how she chooses to try and make herself feel better about her failed dead marriage and unhappiness. Happy people do not attempt to force everyone else to live like them.

On a completely different note I was curious to see how she’s take the nomination of a smart, educated, working woman of color being Joe Biden’s choice as the VP nominee. She didn’t take it well, and does not acquit herself like someone of education in her reaction.

Le sigh. So predictable.


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