America and Molech

America and Molech May 11, 2012

Understanding the Sins of Sodom in a post some time ago made for some pretty grim reading from the Old Testament. If you have the stomach for some even harsher language and more shocking imagery–but which reads like yesterday’s newspaper from our society take a look at Ezekiel chapter 16. You thought Sodom was bad, the prophet says the sins of the Israelites were worse than those of Sodom.

Last week, in this post, I spoke of my increased attraction to the Divine Mercy devotion, and why: Because of the “sins that cry to heaven”. The first of those is the sin of sodomy. As I said yesterday, the sin of Sodom is not just homosexuality, but every kind of sexual perversion, violence, lust and depravity.

The sins that cry to heaven do so because they are sins of violence against the vulnerable, weak and helpless. There is no one else for the victims of these sins to cry out to except to heaven. The second sin of violence is murder. In the Old Testament violence, waging war and killing is always linked with the sin of lust and depravity. The two go hand in hand. Do a Bible word search on “Sodom” and you will find that the King of Sodom was always at war somewhere or another.

The violence associated with lust extends to the second sin that cries to heaven, and it is murder. The link between the first two sins that cry to heaven is nowhere more clear than in the sin of abortion. The prophet Ezekiel says to the people of Israel,

You took your sons and daughterswhom you bore to meand sacrificed them as food to the idols. Was your prostitution not enough?You slaughtered my children and sacrificed them to the idols.

Abortion and infanticide are simply the violent result of the lust and depravity we think of as the Sin of Sodom. As America is awash in the first sin that cries to heaven, so she is awash in the innocent blood of murder. Read more.




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