Patheos Adds Artur Sebastian Rosman & Lisa Mladinich!

Patheos Adds Artur Sebastian Rosman & Lisa Mladinich! August 19, 2014

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Yesterday, we welcomed Kyle Cupp and Rebecca Lane Frech to the Catholic channel, and today, as promised, we introduce two more bloggers to the mix.

When you look up “Phenomenology, Catholic” in a search engine, a few names will instantly surface: Pope Saint John Paul II, Saint Edith Stein, and, in time, I have no doubt, Artur Sebastian Rosman. Not because he’s a saint (who am I to judge?) but because, as Sam Rocha notes, he writes on Phenomenology** a lot!

Rosman Family-Picture-300x224 Please make welcome the great Artur Sebastian Rosman, who has brought his Cosmos the in Lost blog, this-a-way. Rosman has recently completed his PhD in Comparative Liturature, and his thesis was on The Catholic Imagination of Czeslaw Milosz. That would be the great 20th century poet, Czeslaw Milosz, not the Czeslaw Milosz who lives in Riverhead, New York and runs the “Czes Who?” Perogie Stand at the annual festival for Saint Izzy’s parish. I’m not surprised if you mistake the two, as they both often talk eschatology as they wait in joyful hope for the coming of the Lord.

Artur is a clever fellow and he will keep your synapses firing and sometimes feeling a bit challenged, but he will always leave you with something to think about and revisit. All I keep thinking, when I read his stuff, is, “oh, I wish I’d had a teacher tossing stuff like this out there, when I was in high school or a freshman in college…”

He’s also a fan of W. H. Auden, Wallace Stevens and, of course Walker Percy, so, there’s lots of avenues to access Rosman’s mind. I have not yet queried his views on my favorite poet, T.S. Eliot, but if you follow him on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to his feed, undoubtedly we will all find out!

Lisa-Mladinich_headshot 2014If you feel a little dizzy after perusing Rosman’s joint, head over to a new blog — with an especially pretty banner, actually — called “Water into Wine” which is the new home of our old friend Lisa Mladinich. A sought-after speaker on teaching religious education and Catholic women’s spirituality, Lisa decided — after writing umpteen features for Patheos, most notably on Catechesis — that with a new book on the horizon, a blog might be a more flexible outlet for all of her interests and projects, and we agree!

Do check out her piece on Joseph Pearce and Solsbury Hill
(ahh, Peter Gabriel!); you’ll like it. You can subscribe to her feed here, and follow Lisa on Twitter and Facebook.

(**The day my elder son, super genius, came to me with questions about phenomenology, I at first thought he meant phrenology, and immediately warned him against 19th century pseudoscience, going into a long rant about Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled and so on, until he stopped me, said he wasn’t interested in phrenology — which he’d already looked into — but phenomenology. At which point I managed a very Emily Letillaesqe, “Oh! Well, that’s very different! Never mind!” and directed him toward Stein and John Paul. He still doesn’t go to church, though.

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