May 16, 2019

It can be a very fuzzy line between what is a religion and what is a cult. There are plenty of similarities. A lot of times what I hear people say distinguishes them is time. In other words that religions start out as cults but with enough time they gain credibility and respectability. Give a cult long enough and it becomes a religion. I can see that but to me the difference between a religion and a cult is slightly… Read more

May 11, 2019

I have been guilty of comparing Hindus in India to Christians in America. But it is only as far as being the majority. Hindus are a majority in India and at times I think they struggle with giving equal voice to others but they come by it honestly. After all, Muslims are not native to India. They came in as invaders and made Hindus second class citizens in their own nation (taxed for not being Muslim if not killed outright)…. Read more

May 10, 2019

If you’ve been around here for any length of time you probably know that I have a fraught relationship with meditation. It is often given as the balm to all ailments and troubles by Hindus and non-Hindus alike. Perhaps that is true, but it makes me squirm when I hear people recommend it. Formal meditation is hard. Really hard. It requires a discipline and fortitude. Your mind is very likely going to fight it with everything it can. The “monkey… Read more

May 7, 2019

Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion and is probably the most common path for people in this yuga to work towards moksha. I’ve been wondering for a the last few years what path I am actually on. I mean, we all have aspects of the four paths: devotion, service, self-control and study. But one is usually in the forefront. I was talking about it with my friend Dr. Thatte, who wrote the excellent little book The Seven Stars Of… Read more

January 1, 2019

I was so inspired by some of the conversations we’re having in my new Facebook group: Hindus in Pursuit of Truth that I stayed up all night designing these (if I do say so myself) awesome shirts. My new online shop Hindu Swag is launched and you can get a code for 15% off for the first two weeks (from January 1st, 2019). Check out my favorite designs! Check out these and all the others at: New to this… Read more

December 19, 2018

I love this new imitative that the Hindu American Foundation has put together! They are encouraging all Hindu Americans to submit a headshot and a statement of how Hinduism inspires them. I’ve got mine in there! The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is hoping to educate the general American population about Hinduism. There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings. So few people know anything about Hinduism. Many Americans don’t even realize that they know someone who is Hindu. It is often… Read more

December 10, 2018

When I did a YouTube Live QA recently (check out the youtube channel for a replay of that) one of the major topics that came up was meditation and how beneficial it is. Meditation is something that I’ve struggled with. I know that it has enormous benefits, from improving health to giving our reaction times enough space to be more considered in our speech and action. I also know that it’s damn hard. Meditation is simple, but far from easy…. Read more

November 8, 2018

The Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple has been putting on some wonderful programs (Like our panel about being a non-Indian Hindu, which I’m still trying to figure out if there is a video of). This week they had a panel about mental health and Hinduism. As a Hindu with clinical depression, I knew I had to be there. I was a little late and missed the introductions but the panelists seemed to all be mental health professionals and dedicated Hindus. It… Read more

October 30, 2018

Karwa Chauth can be a bit of a controversial festival because of it being something women do for men. I don’t know if I believe that me fasting benefits my husband but I still like to do it. It’s definitely not necessary and is only a tradition in some parts of India. But I find fasting increases my mindfulness because I have to stop and think before unconsciously munching. I also like the sisterhood of it. At the bottom of… Read more

October 23, 2018

Got another character on my Facebook page. Someone trying to talk me into Christianity. This happens once in a while, since some branches of Christianity teach their followers that there is only one answer to life and its name is Jesus. I’m having a fine conversation with this fellow (an Indian Christian). It does seem like he is following some kind of script on how to convert Hindus. But he doesn’t know what he’s in for because I do have… Read more

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