This episode of the Wisdom Podcast, recorded live as a Wisdom Dharma Chat, features a conversation with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, the lineage holder of Shangpa Kagyu. Rinpoche and Daniel discuss 

  • what it means to be a lineage holder;
  • how lineage helps preserve the Dharma;
  • the difference between tradition and lineage;
  • how to connect with a lineage;
  • how to think about doubt in the practice;
  • how and why renunciation is important for our lifelong practice, including how Rinpoche has applied the practice of renunciation in his own life;
  • what it’s like to be recognized and trained as a tulku in today’s world;
  • Rinpoche’s latest social engagement projects;
  • why retreat is important, and the kind of joy you can discover on long retreat;
  • and much more.

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