This episode of the Wisdom Podcast, recorded live as a Wisdom Dharma Chat, features a conversation with Lama Alan Wallace, author, scholar, president of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, and Founder, President, and Director of Contemplative Training at the Center for Contemplative Research. Lama Alan has also edited, translated, written, and contributed to more than forty books on Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, language, and culture, as well as the interface between science and religion.

In this conversation, recorded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lama Alan gives timely teachings on the benefits of inner and outer solitude. He offers advice on how to not feel like a victim of circumstances, but instead reframe periods of involuntary solitude as opportunities to slow down, practice cultivating the mind, and reassess both personal and societal trajectories. You’ll hear about this and so much more in this truly inspiring episode

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