In this week’s News Roundup, we’re going to marry God, pronounce on Bible translations on Tiktok, and make a very convoluted analogy to the JEDP Pentateuchal source critical scheme!! This week’s stories: A woman marries the Holy Spirit; husband objects: Anthony Bourdain’s voice raised from the dead: The JEDP thing: Are people coming back to church: TikTokers on Bible translations: (examples in clips: CaptainDadPool on TikTok on hell: ; Lordofbored on TikTok on Lucifer: ) A young living goddess: Homeopathic doctor from CALIFORNIA sells fake Covid immunity cards: The shaming of Amy Grant: Religions people consider the ethics of AI: Franklin Graham ads come down: Mike Pompeo says don’t let the woke left socialists get you down: Jeremiah Wright, not “God bless America”: Instagram is the new SkyMall! No beards, Mormons!