Connect the dots: Blink-182; “exotic materials”; Trump vs. Hilary 2016; Abraham and Isaac and the frustration and allure of faith. In this episode we’re talking about some wild claims made by Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge and early research into the brains of those who claim to have seen UFOs. Why does a particular religious idea appeal to some but not others? How might the structure of our bodies condition us for certain beliefs or religious experience? SOURCES FOR YOU “The Vindication of Tom DeLonge”: “Inside Tom DeLonge’s UFO Obsession, Blink-182 Turmoil”: Four-hour Tom DeLonge interview on Coast to Coast AM: Tom DeLonge interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast: To the Stars Academy: Stanford Professor Garry Nolan is Analyzing Anomalous Materials from UFO Crashes: Garry Nolan video interview on AMERICAN ALCHEMY: Ross Coulthart, In Plain Sight (pp. 164–210): Basic Tom DeLonge facts: Trump asks Russia on TV to hack Hilary’s emails: Wikileaks shares DeLonge and Podesta emails: