Connect the dots: Blink-182; “exotic materials”; Trump vs. Hilary 2016; Abraham and Isaac and the frustration and allure of faith. In this episode we’re talking about some wild claims made by Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge and early research into the brains of those who claim to have seen UFOs. Why does a particular religious idea appeal to some but not others? How might the structure of our bodies condition us for certain beliefs or religious experience?


“The Vindication of Tom DeLonge”:

“Inside Tom DeLonge’s UFO Obsession, Blink-182 Turmoil”: 

Four-hour Tom DeLonge interview on Coast to Coast AM: 

Tom DeLonge interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast: 

To the Stars Academy: 

Stanford Professor Garry Nolan is Analyzing Anomalous Materials from UFO Crashes: 

Garry Nolan video interview on AMERICAN ALCHEMY: 

Ross Coulthart, In Plain Sight (pp. 164–210): 

Basic Tom DeLonge facts: 

Trump asks Russia on TV to hack Hilary’s emails: 

Wikileaks shares DeLonge and Podesta emails: