Despite not being known fundamentalist or evangelical influencer royalty, Brian scored an invitation to the 2023 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. We discuss the sights, sounds, beliefs, dress code, costs, content, scandal, and music of the event. Was Brian inducted into The Family? We reveal. Axios article on the new Prayer Breakfast format: Slate on the National Prayer Breakfast schism: Netflix documentary: The Family : Kenyan Civil War avoided through staged hug, facilitated by “The Family”? Leaked emails on the Family’s continued involvement in the Prayer Breakfast: Donald Trump’s “non-traditional” prayerful address to the Prayer Breakfast in 2020: Ukraine’s Zelenskyy’s live video address to the Prayer Breakfast: Cathy McMorris Rodgers: ***CORRECTION: She initially said she would not certify the election, then changed her mind after the January 6th riot and did vote to certify (she did not think the Capitol Riot was “great,” apparently; but she didn’t think Trump was to blame at all; see the following links): ;;