Brian has a confession that will shock the world of the News Roundup. Leah offers absolution. Give us a shout on Twitter if you finished this ep and we will celebrate you. STORIES DISCUSSED (yes actually) Mythical root axe: Far Right American Christians converting to Orthodoxy: Spilling blood in fake tiger fighting for rain: Exorcisms have gone mainstream: Quasi-religious ceremonies for crypto creation Surprising reason why Christians help migrants: Wine loving nun is the oldest: Eve Frank, the first female Jewish messiah: We’re calling everything a “hellscape” now: Crucifying Jesus in front of Five Guys: A theory of why we’re all going nuts online: Mercury extra retrograde has people changing their lives: Catholicism declines in Latin America: Zuck on life’s meaning: Evangelicals starting to have a political mind of their own: Trapping people in your guitar worship service at 30,000 feet: Near death experiences are not hallucinations: Pastors flipping properties: Christian sect burning shed and Colorado fire: Catholic conspiracy theory: Not Satanic Chair: Misunderstanding the book of Job in the face of the apocalypse: The last Covid story we’ll ever do pls? Poem, “Welcome to the Age of Beautiful Weirdos”: Priest helps families at no cost: Really stretching the “religion” angle here but Remember King of Kong? Pat Robertson going strong: Pat Robertson says God made Putin do it: Doomsday Plane flies yayyy: Teaching evals for Professor Jesus Christ: Celeb couples turning vampiric: Nephilim documentary: A lot of humans wish they were never born (saw in Salem on way to Bend): Astrologers predict new things for America based on 2s: Clergy shortage forces laypeople into roles: Facts and Myths about Being Wrong About Things: After school Satanism: People like lady robots better: Why Churches Should Drop Their Online Services: Surge of digital church membership: Canadian doctors can prescribe nature walks: Worship the beast: Sunday lunch crowd meme: Attempt to kill the Antichrist: Guru: The Theologian who warned of American Christian facism in the 1980s: Zoommunion (?): Faith healer nails nail in woman’s head: Non-believer groups in Ohio: Christian flag reaches the Supreme Court: Rise of sneaker-preacher-influencers: Drowning Man Parable and Vaccines: QAnon shuts down national butterfly center: JFK disguised as you know who: Mystical letters spell the real culprit: QAnon Shaman was trying to calm the crowd: Western Wall future and shaky Israeli government: New doc puts women at center: Islamic comic book finds audience: ​​ Noah’s Ark doomsday bunker: Nonbelief channel at Patheos drama: