Biblical forgery cases get everyone riled up—here are the two hottest controversies of the moment, covering both Old and New Testaments: “The Shapira Scroll” and the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” Brian goes off. Come for the juicy details on both documents, and stay for the hard discussion of “history” and meditation on intellectual humility. The pandemic never ends joke: The Rylands Papyrus (which Brian erroneously called the “Rowlands” Papyrus): New York Times article on the Shapira Scroll controversy: The Shapira Scroll (overview, photos): Idan Dershowitz: Excerpt from Dershowitz’s new book on the Shapira Scroll: Professor Christopher Rollston on the Shapira scrolls: Ariel Sabar, “the Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’ Wife ( The Atlantic ): Professor Karen King, Harvard Divinity School: Gospel of Jesus’ Wife on Wikipedia: Ariel Sabar, Veritas: A Harvard Professor, a Con Man and the Gospel of Jesus's Wife : Chris Hedges’ review of Ariel Sabar’s book on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife forgery: Kellyanne Conway on “alternative facts”: