Blessings abound as we round up some of the weirdest and most wonderful and most horrible stories from the end of 2021. Baptist women try to lead, small green children will grow up on Mars and turn feeble, you will find $600,000 in a megachurch bathroom, and you will protest our Nazi government in a Cheesecake Factory. And here are links to the stories, in no particular order: Speaking Babylonian in Marvel: Future world will suck: Mars mutant children with photo of green child: Southern Baptist Women Lead: Bendroth book Leah referenced: WSJ reports: people leaving religion during pandemic: Satanic theories about concert deaths: New religion on the internet $600,000 in the church bathroom walls: City buried beneath Iowa: ; Love Has Won: JFK: Cult of We: Optimal Business: Cheesecake Factory: "Cult fave" : Unfortunately posed inflatable Santa: Geraldo Rivera opens a safe: Jesus applies for VP of Student Success: