As longtime Weirdo Listeners know, we don’t always have guests—but when we do, they win awards. Or they should. New York Times contributor Sam Kestenbaum won a 2023 Wilbur Award this past spring and now an AAR Journalism Award for a captivating article on Kathryn Krick—a Christian social media celebrity and charismatic preacher who frequents parks in the Los Angeles area to perform healings and exorcisms. The article is called “Demontime: How a former actress-turned-Christian EDM singer from small-town New York became a Pentecostal faith healer for the TikTok era”: —> In honor of the awards, we’re rebroadcasting this, one of our most popular eps from 2022! In which we talk with Sam about the article and the person behind it. Updated Notes: Kathryn is still going strong… Kathryn Krick on YouTube: [[where the majority of her activity seems to be now?]] Kathryn Krick on TikTok: [[she seems to have stopped posting new material here??]] Sam Kestenbaum on Twitter: Kathryn Krick’s church webpage: Interview with Sam Kestenbaum: Sam’s website: Sam’s Wilbur Award: Sam’s AAR award: