The weird religion news is on fire as always. This week: Is there a Matt Damon - Ben Affleck curse? Has Britney Spears become Catholic? Is Amanda Knox a philosopher? Can you go beyond yoga?

Britney Spears goes Catholic on Insta, then deletes it:;

Britney gets a new ipad (sound clip is from this Insta post, not her post about becoming Catholic):

It’s Matt Damon’s turn in the Damon-Affleck curse cycle:

SNL skit (sound clip), “The Curse”:

Amanda Knox makes a mystical rant:

Hindu extremists attack U.S. scholars of Hinduism: 

Tiktok faith communities:

GiveSendGo! making money off of anti-vaxxing: 

Fasting and praying against the virus:

A new discovery validates the Bible at Mt. Kilimanjaro?! 

Let’s go...beyond Yoga?

A white version of the holy family in a playset: